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Changes Coming to the DraftKings Reignmakers SuperStar List

The list of SuperStar players in Reignmakers may be changing! Here’s all you need to know.

This article originally appeared on Lucky Trader: Changes Coming to the DraftKings Reignmakers SuperStar List

DraftKings Reignmakers shed some light on what it would be doing in regards to updating the status of SuperStar players in a recent Discord post.

Beginning on Week 9 of the NFL season, DraftKings will potentially begin to make changes to the SuperStar status of players based on the following criteria.

  • Players can have their SuperStar status revoked, but only if they are scoring outside of the top 10 in their position in cumulative fantasy points and fantasy points per game.
  • Players can be added to the SuperStar list, but only if they score within the top 10 in their position or within 10 percent of the 10th-ranked player.
  • DraftKings made no mention of meeting these criteria resulting in a guaranteed add to the SuperStar list.
  • A QB cannot be on the SuperStar list if their WR and or TE are on the SuperStar list and vice versa.
  • Ex. Joe Burrow cannot be added to the SuperStar list as long as Ja’Marr Chase is on it and Stefon Diggs cannot be added to the SuperStar list as long as Josh Allen is on it.
  • Ex. A.J. Brown and Jalen Hurts are both currently non-SuperStar players, if both meet the criteria to be added only one of the two can actually receive SuperStar status.
  • DraftKings let it be known that the players both removed and added will be at its discretion.

Players should also note that Reignmakers currently has 17 players on its SuperStar list and in the announcement DraftKings let it be known that “we will never include more than 25 players on the SuperStar list.” This could potentially mean that it is possible for zero players to have their SuperStar status removed while eight players gain SuperStar status. DraftKings made no comment signaling that it is a guarantee that it will be removing or adding a set number of players to the list, only the criteria to be potentially added or removed from the list and the cap of 25 SuperStar players is currently known.

Week 9 will kick off one of the two updates coming to the SuperStar list this year with the second coming at the beginning of the NFL playoffs. After the conclusion of Week 8, DraftKings will share the first updated SuperStar list with players.

For a full look at the current SuperStar list, check out Lucky Trader’s full breakdown of the game DraftKings Reignmakers.

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