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DraftKings Marketplace 2022 Baseball Playoffs Zom-B Team Collection Contest Update

Learn about the latest Primetime NFT Series drop coming to the DraftKings Marketplace.

Get in on DraftKings’ latest NFT drop here!

Zom-B Team Contest Schedule Update

Wednesday 10/19 — $1.5K Reward Contest

World Series Game 1 (Friday 10/28) — $2.5K Reward Contest

World Series Game 3 (Monday 10/31) — $3K Reward Contest

Zom-B Team Collection

If you were a fan of the Rec League All-Stars Collection that dropped near baseball’s 2022 All-Star game, one of their rival teams is about to be at the center of DraftKings’ latest Primetime NFT Series.

Just in time for the spooky season and baseball’s 2022 playoffs, the Zom-B Team Collection is hitting the DraftKings.

Here’s a full breakdown of the components of the drop:

  • One standard drop with 750 collectibles — $50 per collectible
  • DraftKings continues to explore with edition-number-based rewards around baseball player performance heading into the postseason. Eligible users will receive bonus crowns for each home run hit by their associated player. Their player is determined by their serial number that corresponds to a baseball player’s jersey. Current limit is to six players. (IE: Pete Alonso’s number is 20 so if you own edition No. 20, you will receive crown bonuses based on Alonso’s performance)
  • Sum of Jersey Numbers = 254 - this user gets HR bonuses for all jersey numbers.
  • DFS contest for each collection (the original Rec League All-Star Collection & Zom-B Team Collection), with the highest scoring team earning a crown bonus for every eligible user.
  • As an additional drop day surprise, we’re distributing a 50K Crown Bonus PLUS a Zom-B Team themed t-shirt to 6 users who pull a “Diamond in the Rough” Zom-B Collection Edition Number! The “Diamond in the Rough” Bonus celebrates the most prolific baseball players of all time.
  • The qualifying edition numbers for the “Diamond In the Rough” Bonus are: 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 42.
  • A free bet for an AL team to win the W.S.
  • An additional $7K worth of contests for the baseball postseason.

Schedule & Associated Utility:

Drop 1:

  • Drop Day: 10/03/2022
  • Pricepoint: $50
  • Collection Count: 750
  • Utility

Auction Overview:

Golden Zombie

  • Drop Day: 10/04/2022
  • Pricepoint: $250
  • Collection Count: 1

Frankie Fastball GOLD

  • Drop Day: 10/05/2022
  • Pricepoint: $250
  • Collection Count: 1

Willy Web Gem GOLD

  • Drop Day: 10/05/2022
  • Pricepoint: $250

Collection Count: 1

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