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DraftKings NFT: Reignmakers Football Week 3 Web3 SupDucks #9726 Promo

Logan Hitchcock takes a look at the history of the SupDucks for the Week 3 Web3 DraftKings Reignmakers Football promo.

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SupDucks is a collection of 10,000 whacky duck NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Founded by artist FrankyNines, SupDucks was one of the first NFT projects to establish utility with an ecosystem token.

The SupDucks native token, $VOLT, was initially granted to holders of SupDucks NFTs, but now can only be earned through specified daily social tasks.

While the $VOLT utility was minimal to start, SupDucks eventually provided holders the opportunity to spend $VOLT to alter their NFTs.

Join the SupDucks #9726 contest here!

The most notable alteration opportunity came after the launch of the SupDucks companion project, King Frogs.

Made available to both SupDuck holders and the general public, holders could spend $VOLT to provide their King Frog NFTs with silly items and properties like “gummy worms.”

Eventually, the project would also allow holders to mash together multiple King Frog NFTs to create “Mega Toadz,” the third collection of NFTs within the SupDucks universe.

The current SupDucks floor price is 0.2 ETH.

Check out the OpenSea SupDucks listings page for more.

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For each of the CORE, RARE, ELITE, and LEGENDARY Week 3 Web 3 contests, DraftKings intends to purchase three (3) NFTs from the NFT project of the top prize of the contest with the most lineup entries (the “Sweep the Floor Promotion”). DraftKings intends to purchase the NFTs within sixty (60) days of the Week 3 Web 3 contests ending. The determination of which NFTs to purchase will be in DraftKings’ sole discretion, and DraftKings reserves the right to purchase less than three (3) NFTs from an NFT project in the event the floor price exceeds the lower of double the floor price as of 9/19 or 3 ETH. DraftKings intends to use the purchased NFTs for prizing in future Reignmakers Football contests. DraftKings reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to use the NFTs for other purposes. The Week 3 Web 3 REIGNMAKER contests are not included in the Sweep the Floor promotion. For clarity, all contests are fully open to the public and are not gated based on ownership of non-DraftKings NFTs. The lineup requirements that are specific to Reignmakers Football contests apply.

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