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How Reignmakers Football Players can Qualify for Reignmakers Football World Championship

Football season is upon, which means a select few customers will soon be able to compete in the Reignmakers Football World Championship. Learn how to compete here!

Along with competing to all the prizing up for grabs throughout the 2023 football season, have the opportunity to punch their ticket to the Reignmakers Football World Championship! Overall, there are 50 seats available in the RMFWC.

Here’s how you can compete to qualify for a seat:


There will be a total of 40 contests that will award one Reignmakers Football player a spot in the RMFWC.

Of those 40 contests, 20 will be Play-Action Set Gated Contests. The other 20 will be Classic Contests.

Overall Franchise Score Leaderboard

The other qualifiers will be linked to the Overall Franchise Score Leaderboard. There will be a snapshot on November 30, 2023. When the snapshot is taken, the top 10 Reignmakers Football players on the Overall Franchise Score Leaderboard will qualify for the RMFWC.

RMFWC Finals

The RMFWC Finals will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona on Sunday, December 17, 2023.

Also, players competing in the RMFWC will only submit an ELITE-tier Classic lineup in the finals.

Players are able to earn four (4) total entries, with a maximum of three (3) coming from qualifying contests and a maximum of one (1) from Franchise Score.

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