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What Reignmakers UFC Players Need to Know About UFC 292 Event Packs

Learn all about the Event Packs for UFC 292.


UFC 292 marks the next UFC Pay-Per-View event of Reignmakers UFC with expanded contest types for users to choose from. Beginning on Tuesday January 31, 2023, users will be able to choose from CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER tier contests, which will hold true for all future Reignmakers UFC events.

Moving forward, all Pay-Per-View Event Packs will come in one SKU. 2023 Pay-Per-View packs will include five (5) Fighter Game Cards with one RARE+ guaranteed. The pack pool will include all participating fighters in the event and cards of all rarities. Each of the fighters scheduled to participate in UFC 292 will be included in the pack pool with a supply of 1,200 CORE tier Fighter Game Cards, 300 RARE tier Fighter Game Cards, 75 ELITE tier Fighter Game Cards, 15 LEGENDARY tier Fighter Game Cards and 1 REIGNMAKER tier player card.

Along with the pack drop, REIGNMAKER tier Fighter Game Cards will be auctioned throughout the course of the week. For clarity, one (1) edition of each fighter participating in the event will have a REIGNMAKER tier Fighter Game Card within the pack pool and another REIGNMAKER tier Fighter Game Card for auction. In totality, fighters will have two REIGNMAKER tier Fighter Game Card editions released per fight.

How Contests Work


Reignmakers UFC scoring will work the exact same as the DraftKings’ DFS scoring system users are accustomed to:

For more information on how the MMA scoring works on DraftKings, visit our Rules & Scoring page.

All lineups will feature a captain. Whichever fighter users place in their captain spot will receive a 1.5x bonus for all statistics accrued. Our DFS product has an entire page dedicated to MMA Captain Mode if looking for more information.

Contest Rarity Requirements

All Reignmakers cards have a series of properties associated with them and these properties impact the way you play the game.

Card rarity is the most commonly used property to gate contests. Every contest will have rarity rules tied to entry.

The rarity requirements needed from Reignmakers UFC cards for the CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER tier contests for 2023 are shown below:

Note: Captains must be at the rarity tier of the contest or higher, so a RARE contest requires a captain to be at least of the RARE tier, ELITE contest requires a captain to be at least of the ELITE tier, etc.

Contest Fighter Requirements

Rosters are considered eligible as long as they include five (5) fighters scheduled to fight from a given event. No duplicate fighters are allowed. If a user owns multiple Fighter Game Cards of the same fighter, they may be used in separate lineups but not within the same lineup. Example: Sean O’Malley cannot be rostered twice within the same five (5) fighter lineup.

Contest Types for Pay-Per-Views Moving Forward

2023 Pay-Per-Views will include contests at all rarity levels moving forward. Essentially, each Pay-Per-View will include a CORE contest, a RARE contest, an ELITE contest, a LEGENDARY contest and a REIGNMAKER contest.


Pay-Per-View contests will include $250,000 in total fantasy contest prizing!

Pack Price and Odds of Getting CORE vs RARE

The cost of a UFC 292 pack will be $34.99, and each pack will guarantee at least one (1) fighter game card that is of the RARE rarity tier or higher (which includes ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER). 23 of 24 fighters scheduled to fight at UFC 292 will be included in the pack pool. The final winning Bantamweight from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 31 will be offered via crafting recipes to holders of UFC 292 cards at the same rarity tier.

Each fighter in the UFC 292 pack pool will have 1,200 CORE editions, 300 RARE editions, 75 ELITE editions, 15 LEGENDARY editions and one (1) REIGNMAKER edition, equating to 27,600 total CORE tier cards (only 27,597 included in the pack pool), 6,900 total RARE tier cards, 1,725 total ELITE tier cards, 345 total LEGENDARY tier cards and 23 total REIGNMAKER tier cards within the UFC 292 pack pool.

One REIGNMAKER tier edition of each fighter will also be auctioned off via the DraftKings Marketplace with a $1 starting bid and bid increment of $50. This will be the norm for all Event Sets moving forward, as well.

How to Build Your Lineup

UFC Pay-Per-View Event Packs

Event packs will be an ongoing theme for Reignmakers UFC as they will be available for purchase in anticipation of every Pay-Per-View and UFC Fight Night, beginning in 2023. Starting with the first event, UFC Fight Night 1.14.23: Imamov vs Gastelum, contests of five different rarity tiers (CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER) will be offered at all events.

Packs will consist of CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER tier fighter game cards for each of the 23 fighters included in the UFC 292 Event Pack pool:

UFC 292 Fighters

Sean O'Malley
Aljamain Sterling
Zhang Weili
Amanda Lemos
Ian Garry
Neil Magny
Cody Garbrandt
Mario Bautista
Marlon Vera
Pedro Munhoz
Chris Weidman
Brad Tavares
Gregory Rodrigues
Denis Tiuliulin
Austin Hubbard
Kurt Holobaugh
Brad Katona
Gerald Meerschaert III
Andre Petroski
Andrea Lee
Natalia Cristina Da Silva
Karine Silva
Maryna Moroz

For all UFC Pay-Per-Views, packs will include all fighters scheduled to fight in that weekend’s events, so this format will remain consistent in 2023.

Pay-Per-View Fighter Game Card Utility

All fighters within Pay-Per-View packs are scheduled to fight on that weekend’s card and are eligible to roster within that specific Pay-Per-View’s contests. All Fighter Game Cards within 2023 Event Set packs from here on out will only be usable within their specific event (notated on both the packs and the Fighter Game Cards). Once the event has ended, these players will no longer be draftable within Reignmakers UFC contests. However, these cards can be used within the crafting portal and may be required at a later date to enter specific portfolio-gated contests.

What Sets Will Be Playable Within UFC 292?

Heatwave, UFC 281, UFC 282, Genesis, Takedown, Cryptoon Goonz, Prizing, IFW, DWCS, Crafting, Choice, Booster and UFC 292 cards will all be playable within UFC 292 gameplay.

Octagon Pass Holders Will Receive Priority Access to UFC 292 on 8/15/23

All holders of ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER tier Octagon Passes will receive early, priority access to purchase a UFC 292 Pack starting at 11:30 a.m. ET on August 15, 2023. Remaining inventory will ultimately open up to the public at 1:00 p.m. ET on August 15, 2023. With only 7,318 packs available for the event, supplies will go fast, so make sure to pick up an ELITE, LEGENDARY or REIGNMAKER tier Octagon Pass for your best chance at a pack!


Can I Play Rarer Cards in Less Rare Contests?

Yes, if a contest requires a card to be “RARE or higher” or “RARE+: that means an ELITE, LEGENDARY or REIGNMAKER tier card may be used in that given roster spot, as well. If a contest requires an “ELITE or higher” or “ELITE+” card, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER cards may also be used in that given roster spot. If a contest requires a “LEGENDARY or higher” or “LEGENDARY+” card, a REIGNMAKER tier card may also be used in that roster spot.

Will there be ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER contests?

Yes, beginning in 2023, Reignmakers UFC contests will be offered at all rarity levels. Now that the “Weigh-In” phase is over, ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER contests will be offered at UFC Fight Night and Pay-Per-View Events.

How Do I Dictate Which Fighter I Start in the Captain Spot?

There is a designated captain spot within rosters. Any fighter placed in the captain spot will have their score multiplied by 1.5x.

What Happens if a Fighter is Removed from the Card or Their Fight is Canceled?

Go here for Reignmakers UFC’s full scratched fighter policy.

Can I Start Fighters In Lineup Spots that are Not Scheduled to Fight in UFC 292?

No, fighters who are not a specific UFC Pay-Per-View card are ineligible to be played within the given Pay-Per-View’s contests. Fighters are defined as “on the card” if they are listed in DraftKings’ draftable pool.

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