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DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR Introduces the Second Wave of Crafting Tokens

Learn about the latest addition to Reignmakers PGA TOUR: Crafting Tokens.

More crafting tokens and recipes are coming to Reignmakers PGA TOUR!

Crafting Tokens are DraftKings’ unique type of collectible exclusive to Reignmakers, and they are essential to complete Craft & Burn recipes. All Tokens at each rarity tier will have a limited supply.

The Second Wave of Reignmakers PGA TOUR Crafting Set, will include a token drop and additional new Recipes. This will take place on Tuesday, July 11th, beginning with the CORE tokens at 3:00 p.m. ET, with subsequent token drops every half hour until 5:00 p.m. ET as follows:

Fifteen new crafting recipes will be going live at the conclusion of the token drops. Another five promotional recipes will be introduced the following week ahead of the British Open.

The summary of the recipes is as follows:

“Inactive” Golfers

The Inactive Golfer classification was determined by looking at the previous six weeks of events as of the Rocket Mortgage Classic. If a golfer played in less than 2 events over this period, they were deemed “inactive” for the purposes of this set. This classification will be used for future iterations of this recipe, but case-by-case additions will be made in the event of special circumstances.

The inactive list for these recipes can be found below. These golfers serve as inputs to the “Inactive Golfer” recipes, and will not be included in the recipe outputs of any of the above recipes.


Q: If a card is burned through the crafting process, do I still retain my franchise score points from the burned card?

A: Burned golfer game cards will no longer be in your Marketplace portfolio, and the franchise score points will no longer apply to your account; however, any new cards acquired through the crafting process will earn franchise score points once they are in your portfolio.

Q: Will the entire crafting token supply (that is airdropped or that can be purchased) release all at once?

A: No, the entire crafting token supply will be gradually released to customers in phases.

Q: Do crafting tokens earn Franchise score points?

A: No, only the cards acquired through the crafting process that you hold in your portfolio will earn franchise score points.

Q: Can Crafting tokens and Crafting Set packs be sold on the secondary market?

A: Crafting tokens can be sold on the secondary market, while Crafting Set packs cannot.

Q: Will I need to use Crafting Tokens for the weekly Starter Set crafting recipes?

A: No, these recipes will remain as is and will not require Crafting Tokens as an input

Q: How can users acquire Crafting Set cards and what is their playability?

A: Crafting Set packs can only be acquired via the Craft & Burn portal and contain a golfer game card that is usable for the remainder of the 2023 season.

Q: What are the total edition counts of the Crafting Set and Crafting Tokens?

A: The edition structure and corresponding guaranteed scarcity of these collections can be found here.

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