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DraftKings Reignmakers: Looking Ahead to the 2024 PGA TOUR and UFC Seasons

Learn how to take full advantage of your 2023 Reignmakers Golfer and Fighter Card collection ahead of the 2024 season.

With the end of the 2023 season rapidly approaching, the time has come to start preparing for the 2024 Reignmakers PGA TOUR and UFC seasons.

To get premier access to 2024 Player Cards, users can prepare for season-end crafting recipes by buying Crafting Tokens. In doing so, Reignmakers card holders will take their first steps toward building their 2024 Player Card collection.

To convert 2023 Player Cards into 2024 Player Cards, you will need a Crafting Token to be used as part of the recipe. As a reminder, all 2023 Crafting Tokens that go unused between now and season’s end will be redeemable for 2024 Crafting Tokens. In the meantime, 2023 Crafting Tokens will continue to carry in-season utility whether it be for more in-season Crafting Set recipes, promotional recipes, drop access, and more!

Holders of 2023 Player Cards can also choose to retain these cards. Similar to Reignmakers Football, there will be weekly prizing dedicated to contests gated exclusively for 2023 Player Cards.

Furthermore, any prior-year cards in your UFC collection will accrue at least 10% of the Franchise Score value to that of the same set-rarity-player card from the predetermined value of that in-year collection, while PGA TOUR cards will accrue a flat 10% as previously shared here. This point reduction for 2023 player cards will occur at the end of the 2023 calendar year.

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