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DraftKings Reignmakers Football: 2023 Contest Prizing Weekly Breakdown

Learn about the contest prizing plan for the 2023 DraftKings Reignmakers Football, plus more for the 2023 Reignmakers Football Kickoff Keynote.

With the 2023 Reignmakers Football season nearly here, a lot of ground has been covered of late. For those who missed the 2023 Reignmakers Football Kickoff Keynote, videos from the event are featured in this article.

But for the Reignmakers players who tuned into the event, there’s more to be discussed. This article provides details on the weekly contest prizing plan for Reignmakers, along with updates on Franchise Score and SuperStar player cards.

Before digging into the new details here, be sure to join the Reignmakers Discord, where customers will not only receive updates on the game but also find other members of the growing DraftKings community.

2023 Reignmakers Football Contest Prizing Details


Overall, DraftKings Reignmakers Football Season 2 will offer $30 million in contest prizing! The $30 million in prizing will be broken out to support 2023 Cards, 2022 Cards, Fund Special Contests, Award Daily Fantasy (DFS) Tickets to Millionaire Maker Contests and other DFS offerings, and the 2023 Reignmakers Football World Championship Live Final Event.

2023 Collection Guaranteed Prize Pool Contests

2023 Collection contests will be run across multiple game types: Classic, Deep Roster and Showdown.

DraftKings will also offer CORE through REIGNMAKER tier contests for each game variation. Here is the table that outlines how the 2023 collection cash prizing is broken down by rarity tier for each week of the 2023 season:

*Prizing DOES NOT include special contests, DFS Tickets contests, Reignmakers Football World Championship, Digital Player Card/Pack prizing or prizing specifically allocated for 2022 Collection contests.

GPP contest dollars above will be spread across Deep Roster, Classic and Showdown formats.

An additional $200K will be added above at DraftKings’ discretion.

2023 Reignmakers Football World Championship

Consistent with last season, DraftKings will run a live final event with $1 million in total cash prizing up for grabs. Players can qualify by finishing in the top 10 on the Franchise Score leaderboard and/or qualifying by playing 2023 Reignmakers Football qualifier contests that award a contest seat.

More details regarding the location and the format/contest rules for the live final will be coming soon.

Special Use

This bucket accounts for $3.4 million in total cash prizing for 2023 Reignmakers Football and includes contest prizing to support the $2M Holiday Millionaire Contest ($1 million to first) on Thanksgiving and a $400K Contest [$100K to first] on Christmas for the Holiday Set Cards, as well as $500K in total contest prizing added to International Showdown slates for the International Set and $500K in additional contest prizing that is unlockable via the Rush Set.

DFS Satellite Contests

We are committed to awarding $1 million in DFS Tickets across 2022 and 2023 Reignmakers Football Collection contests. These tickets will provide players the opportunity to play for Million-dollar top prizes in Daily Fantasy Football and other contests during the 2023 season.

2022 Collection Guaranteed Prize Pool Contests

2022 Reignmakers Football Collection Cards will be able to play for $100K in weekly prizes in 2023. All 2022 contests will be run using the Deep Roster game format through Week 18. The following table shows the breakdown by rarity tier and week:

2023 Reignmakers Football Card/Pack Prizing

In addition to all of the above cash prizing, DraftKings will continue to offer contests that award 2023 Reignmakers Football Prize Packs via Pack Party contests, as well as Featured Player contests (contests that award a specific player card). These contests will be offered for 2022 and 2023 card collections.

SuperStar Update

Important Rules to Note

Customers can only use one (1) SuperStar per lineup.

Lower-tier SuperStar player cards cannot be played in higher-tier contests.

The List

The initial list of Reignmakers Football 2023 SuperStar players has been set. The players will hold SuperStar status for the initial eight weeks of the season. This status applies to the player, so both 2022 and 2023 versions of player cards will carry the status.

Here’s the list:

For more, visit the Reignmakers Discord!

Franchise Score Updates

The Franchise Score Landing Page is set to be updated on Friday, July 28, with other updates to follow. Here’s a list of what to expect:

  • Overall Leaderboard will be updated Tuesday, August 1 to reflect new scores of 2022 player cards and applicable boosts reduced to 10%.
  • As of August 1, 2022 Field Pass bonus points no longer apply to 2023 Franchise Score. Legacy Collector challenge boosts earned during the 2022 season will be reduced to 10% value and added on to existing FS total throughout the 2023 season.
  • The Featured Drop Leaderboard — only available during weekly during drop weeks — will replace the Weekly Drive Leaderboard.
  • The Franchise Score page will include two separate tables to reflect multiplier details and scoring examples for both 2022 collections and 2023 collections.
  • As noted in the video below, 2022 and 2023 cards now have a Franchise Score attribute, which reflects the current total point value that card is worth. The 2022 cards already reflect the 10% value.

For more, visit the Reignmakers Discord!

2023 Field Field Pass Details

The DraftKings Marketplace is currently only available in the United States and Canada.

You must be 18+* located in any of the 50 US states or Canada to buy and sell NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace.

*Must be 19+ in Alabama and Nebraska.

*Must be 21+ in Iowa, Louisiana and Massachusetts.

Additional requirements for accessing:

You must have a verified DraftKings account.

You must agree to our DraftKings Marketplace Terms of Use and DraftKings Marketplace Privacy Policy before transacting on DraftKings Marketplace.

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For more details and FAQs, please reference our About page or help center with FAQs!