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DraftKings Reignmakers Introduces Product Release Notes

The DraftKings Reignmakers team introduces Product Release Notes, a series to share new developments to the overall game and customer experience.

The Reignmakers team is starting a new series called the Product Release Notes, to share new developments to the overall game and customer experience. This monthly note will serve as a guide to all of the new feature updates, bug fixes and performance improvements that have been released. Be sure to check out the new releases below, and be on the lookout for next month’s Product Release Notes.

Live Pack & Card Winnings

Pack and card prizes will now show up in your projected winnings during the sweat experience (when a contest is live).

Bug Fix In My Contests

Previously the last contest cell in my contests was partially covered even when a user attempted to scroll all the way down. After this fix you will be able to see the entire last contest cell on the My Contests page. View your My Contests page here.

Seasonality Labels (Coming Soon)

As we enter our second season of Reignmakers Football we will begin running contests for cards from the previous season. We’ve updated your cards so that when you’re viewing them you can tell which season they’re from. We’ve also added season information to contests so that you can tell which contests are only for current season cards and which are for cards from previous seasons.

Listing Modal Updates

The listing and review purchase modals have been updated, so when you click Listings or Show All Available from the collection or collectible details page, you will be able to filter for rarity and set. Also the purchase experience has been updated so that your balance will now be visible while browsing listings.

Sticky Filters

When you’re browsing the marketplace and have selected some filters, you can now navigate away from that browse experience and if you return to it through the back arrow your filters will still be in place.

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