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How to Compete for UFC 292 Experience via Reignmakers UFC Event Set Gated Contests

Learn about the Event Set Gated Contests that feature a UFC 292 Grand Prize!

UFC 292 is heading to DraftKings’ backyard (Boston), so DraftKings could not miss an opportunity to do it BIG for such an event…

Introducing UFC 292 Event Set Gated Contests

Reignmakers UFC will be adding one contest to mix every week, beginning with UFC 289 and ending with UFC 291, that will be event set gated.

What does this mean? In order to enter this contest each week, users will be required to submit five (5) fighter game cards from a given week’s event set packs.

Each week, the Grand Prize for each of these event set gated contests will include a full UFC 292 experience package that includes the follows:

- Two (2) Guaranteed Lower Level Tickets to the UFC 292 Event

- One (1) Room for Two (2) at a hotel in Boston room block for Friday, August 18 and Saturday, August 19

- $700 Travel Dollars

- Access to a VIP-hosted Event throughout the course of the weekend (more details to come)

UFC Fight Night event set gated contests will feature one (1) UFC 292 Grand Prize package whereas UFC Pay-Per-View event set gated contests will feature two (2) UFC 292 Grand Prize packages during this span.

The final event set gated contest for UFC 292 Grand Prize packages will occur on July 29, 2023 in concurrence with UFC 291. All winners will be hosted together for an exciting and fun-filled weekend for UFC 292.

Here are the full list of events where event set gated contests will run:

  • UFC 289
  • UFC Fight Night 6.17.23
  • UFC Fight Night 6.24.23
  • UFC Fight Night 7.1.23
  • UFC 290
  • UFC Fight Night 7.15.23
  • UFC Fight Night 7.22.23
  • UFC 291


Can I use Genesis, Takedown, Heatwave, UFC 281 and UFC 282 cards in these contests?

No, these contests require cards from the specific week’s event sets only

What is the value of each Grand Prize Package?

The approximate retail value of each Grand Prize package is $3,500

What happens if a user decides not to accept the UFC 292 Grand Prize Package?

$700 cash is the alternative to accepting the full Grand Prize package.

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