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Weekly NFT Newsletter for Reignmakers Football, PGA TOUR and UFC on DraftKings Marketplace

We provide an update on the latest involving Reignmakers Football, PGA TOUR UFC plus so much more.

To quickly navigate to the Reignmakers contest lobby, please visit the DraftKings NFT games page.

Did you miss any of the content throughout the week? This newsletter will summarize the key details for Reignmakers Football, PGA TOUR and UFC as well as the DraftKings Marketplace to help you catch up.

DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR Approach Drop Info

The second Reignmakers PGA TOUR premium drop is here! This set, named Approach, will be available for a limited period on DraftKings Marketplace starting on April 4 — so get excited! Premium sets are the best way to collect all your favorite golfers and secure season-long usage out of your Digital Golfer Cards.

The Approach set will be split into weekly curated pack drops corresponding to the next five events starting with the major next weekend in Georgia. These packs will be available for a limited time each week, with drops beginning each Tuesday at 4 p.m. and ending Thursday at contest lock.

DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR: The Masters

It’s here! The year’s first major championship has finally arrived. For some, it’s just another golf tournament, but for others, it signifies the start of spring and the changing of the season. Unfortunately, winter may return to this area over the weekend, with unseasonably cold temperatures set to roll in. However, it wouldn’t be a major championship if there weren’t some challenges to go along with it. Jason Rouslin dives into the event and provides a few targets for the week and beyond.

The Masters is the only one of the four major championships played at the same course every year — Augusta National Golf Club. This year marks the 87th edition of the event, with 88 golfers competing. However, only 52 of them are available to play in the DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR. Of those 52, two have opted not to have cards (Jordan Spieth and Justin Rose), and the remaining players are either amateurs, past champions or are not on the PGA TOUR. This makes it the most exclusive tournament in golf, and it should provide plenty of excitement this year.

As a “premium event,” the Masters has a total prize pool of $350,000, with a top prize of $20,000 at the ELITE and REIGNMAKER tiers.

What You Need to Know About UFC 287 Event Packs

UFC 287 marks the next UFC Pay-Per-View event of Reignmakers UFC with expanded contest types for users to choose from. Beginning on Tuesday January 31, 2023, users will be able to choose from CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER tier contests, which will hold true for all future Reignmakers UFC events.

Moving forward, all Pay-Per-View Event Packs will come in one SKU. 2023 Pay-Per-View packs will include five (5) Fighter Game Cards with one RARE+ guaranteed. The pack pool will include all participating fighters in the event and cards of all rarities. Each of the fighters scheduled to participate in UFC 287 will be included in the pack pool with a supply of 1,200 CORE tier Fighter Game Cards, 300 RARE tier Fighter Game Cards, 75 ELITE tier Fighter Game Cards, 15 LEGENDARY tier Fighter Game Cards and 1 REIGNMAKER tier player card.

Along with the pack drop, REIGNMAKER tier Fighter Game Cards will be auctioned throughout the course of the week. For clarity, one (1) edition of each fighter participating in the event will have a REIGNMAKER tier Fighter Game Card within the pack pool and another REIGNMAKER tier Fighter Game Card for auction. In totality, fighters will have two REIGNMAKER tier Fighter Game Card editions released per fight.

How to Compete for UFC 289 VIP Package via Reignmakers UFC 287 Portfolio-Gated Contest

Reignmakers UFC holders will be able to compete for yet another UFC VIP experience!

DraftKings will host a Reignmakers UFC Portfolio-gated contest for UFC 287, which will include a first-place UFC 289 VIP package for two.

Users who finish from second to 50th will receive UFC Fight Night 4.15.23 Event Packs as prizing.

In order to compete in the UFC 287 Portfolio-Gated Contest, users must hold five Genesis CORE fighter game cards of international Middleweight fighters.

DraftKings Category Pack Break: Reignmakers UFC Auction Schedule for April 6 Category Breaks

DraftKings is offering a series of Reignmakers UFC pack breaks, in which users will be able to obtain UFC fighter game card NFTs from Takedown set packs. Go here for all the details surrounding these breaks, which will be streamed with Chris Costa on the DraftKings YouTube channel on Thursday, April 6, 2023.

The starting bid will be $50 for each auction, with bid increments of $5. The time extension window will be 1 minute, meaning any bids placed within the final minute of each auction will trigger the end time to extend by an additional minute.

All auctions will start at 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday, April 5. See the full auction schedule here.

What Users Need to Know About Reignmakers UFC Scratched Fighter Policy

Beginning on April 3, DraftKings will offer certain recipes on the Crafting Portal that will enable customers to burn fighter game cards for scratched fighters in exchange for replacement fighter game cards. These Crafting Portal recipes will only apply to Event Set fighter game cards.

The timing of a fighter being scratched and whether a replacement fighter or fight has been announced will impact the Crafting Portal recipes available to a customer with a fighter game card of a scratched fighter. Please see here for more details.

What Reignmakers UFC Users Need to Know about $50K Genesis Collector’s Challenge

Reignmakers UFC players have a chance to win a share of DK dollars through DraftKings’ latest Collector’s Challenge.

The UFC $50K Genesis Collector’s Challenge will run from Friday, March 31, 2023 through Monday, April 10, at 10 a.m. ET.

There will be a challenge at three tiers: CORE, RARE and ELITE. In order to get a cut of the DK dollars up for grabs at each tier, Reignmakers UFC holders need to collect at least 20 USA Middleweight Genesis Fighters in their respective tier (i.e. collect 20 USA Middleweight Genesis CORE fighter cards to get an even cut of the DK dollars up for grabs in the CORE challenge.)

You must collect at least 20 of the required unique fighter game cards from the following rarity tiers to earn the corresponding prize split:

  • CORE (Only) Awards $10K DK Even Cash Split
  • RARE (Only) Awards $15K DK Even Cash Split
  • ELITE (Only) Awards $25K DK Even Cash Split

What Reignmakers UFC Holders Need to Know About Collaboration with Cryptoon Goonz

Cryptoon Goonz is getting in on the Reignmakers UFC action! This new set — which drops on Monday, April 3, 2023 at 6 p.m. Eastern Time — will give holders access to top-tier fighters over the next three events: UFC 287, Fight Night 04.15, and Fight Night 04.22. But that’s not all!

This collaboration will present holders with a first-of-its-kind survivor contest, along with weekly games, curated prizing and airdrops! Across these contests, players will be able to compete for $100K in total.

Also, keep your eyes on your portfolio, as the Goonz team has something special for purchasers of three-plus packs!

Reignmakers UFC Introduces Crafting Tokens: What Users Need to Know

Crafting & Burning is coming to Reignmakers UFC and starting with a bang!

To kick off the launch of crafting in Reignmakers UFC, DraftKings will be airdropping all users that have made a Reignmakers UFC purchase on either the primary or secondary market in 2023 a CORE tier Crafting token on Monday, April 3. Octagon Pass holders will receive a separate, exclusive airdrop on Monday, April 3, as well as they will be airdropped a Crafting token that corresponds with the tier of their Octagon Pass.*

*RARE tier Octagon Pass holders will be airdropped a RARE tier Crafting Token, ELITE tier Octagon Pass holders will be airdropped an ELITE tier Crafting Token, LEGENDARY tier Octagon Pass holders will be airdropped a LEGENDARY tier Crafting Token and REIGNMAKER tier Octagon Pass holders will be airdropped a REIGNMAKER tier Crafting Token.

Crafting Tokens are DraftKings’ unique type of collectible exclusive to Reignmakers, and they are essential to complete Craft & Burn recipes. All Tokens at each rarity tier will have a limited supply.

What Reignmakers UFC Users Need to Know About Booster Packs

In addition to weekly Event Set packs, Booster Packs containing fighter games cards of 400 fighters, will be launched on the marketplace. Continue building your collection of Reignmakers UFC fighters to enhance your chances at more prizing. Additionally, packs include a 1-in-100 shot to pull a Takedown ELITE tier fighter game card!

Learn more Booster pack details here.

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