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Weekly NFT Newsletter for Reignmakers Football, PGA TOUR and UFC on DraftKings Marketplace

We provide an update on the latest involving Reignmakers Football, PGA TOUR UFC plus so much more.

To quickly navigate to the Reignmakers contest lobby, please visit the DraftKings NFT games page.

Did you miss any of the content throughout the week? This newsletter will summarize the key details for Reignmakers Football, PGA TOUR and UFC as well as the DraftKings Marketplace to help you catch up.

DraftKings Reignmakers UFC: The Takedown Premium Drop is Here!

Get in on Takedown before it’s taken down!

Reignmakers UFC has set its second premium drop: Takedown Fighter Game Cards. But, this set will only be available for a limited time.

The Takedown set is a curation of top-ranked, fast-rising, scheduled fighters, and these cards will provide a 3x Franchise Score multiplier. Also, the lowest tier featured in this set will be RARE!

But most importantly, Takedown Fighter Cards will unlock access to portfolio-gated contests that will pay out over $400K in VIP Fight Night Experiences!

The drop is scheduled for Monday, March 13, 2023 at 4 p.m. ET, and packs will only be available until March 26 — and while supplies last. There will also be a preferred access for certain holders starting at 12 p.m. on Monday, March 13 until 3:30 p.m.

DraftKings Reignmakers UFC: What Users Need to Know About Takedown Premium Drop

UFC 286 Reignmakers Breakdown

This week, DraftKings Reignmakers is offering up $125,000 in prizes between its five tiers of contests: CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER.

All players from DraftKings’ Heatwave, UFC 281, UFC 282, UFC 286, and Genesis sets are eligible to compete in these contests.

It is worth noting that the Genesis Standard, Genesis Premium, and Genesis CORE Add-On packs are all still available for purchase. These packs contain top UFC fighters and a random distribution of most of the fighters stepping into the octagon this weekend.

The UFC 286 event set goes on sale March 14 at 1 p.m. ET.

How to Compete for UFC 288 VIP Package via Reignmakers UFC 286 Portfolio-Gated Contest

Reignmakers UFC holders will be able to compete for yet another UFC VIP experience!

DraftKings will host a Reignmakers UFC Portfolio-gated contest for UFC 286, which will include a first-place UFC 288 VIP package for two.

Users who finish from second to 101st will receive one (1) 3.25.23 Fight Night Event Pack.

DraftKings Reignmakers Pack Break: Introducing Category Breaks - PGA TOUR!

Who doesn’t love a good pack break? Well, with Reignmakers PGA TOUR kicking off this week, DraftKings is hosting a series of four (4) pack breaks that will allow players to bolster their collection. Each break will consist of twelve (12) packs each: one (1) 2023 Genesis Eagle pack, three (3) 2023 Genesis Birdie packs, and eight (8) 2023 PGA TOUR Booster packs.

The pack breaks will begin on the DraftKings YouTube channel on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Prevailing Time (“ET”). For each break, Chris Costa will be opening the packs and revealing the respective PGA TOUR player card NFTs. These revealed players cards will then be distributed to the participants based on the category of the pack Break Ticket (as defined below) NFT they purchased in the Break Ticket NFT auction. For the Reignmakers PGA TOUR breaks, there will be four (4) unique categories based on the specialty of each golfer. These categories are Bomber, Pin Seeker, Chipper, and Green Reader.

DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR - Beginner Strategies

One of the most popular new games in the fantasy world is DraftKings Reignmakers, which features NFT cards of players in all different sports! And while football was a major hit, DraftKings’ latest reveal is the Reignmakers PGA TOUR game.

For an introduction to the game and to learn more about it, click here to read my intro article. After familiarizing yourself with the basics, hop back here to learn some beginner strategies!

DraftKings Reignmakers Football: What Users Need to Know about Craft & Burn Last Shot Recipes

A new recipe has been added to the Reignmakers Football Craft & Burn portal! The Last Shot 2022 Pack Craft & Burn recipes hit the marketplace from March 2, 2023 at 6 p.m. ET until Tuesday, April 14, 2023 — and these recipes will mark users’ last opportunity to get 2022 Packs and the corresponding Craftings Tokens.

The tokens drop will begin on March 2 at 3 p.m. with the CORE Tokens drops. Check out the breakdown of total tokens available per tier here.

DraftKings Reignmakers Football: How to Craft & Burn 2022 Players Cards for 2023 Set

The time has come to begin preparations for the 2023 Reignmakers Football season.

With the focus shifting toward the second season of Reignmakers Football, players will get their first chance to Craft and Burn cards from the 2022 Reignmakers Football season. In doing so, Reignmakers Football holders will take their first steps toward building their 2023 Player Card collection, which they can use to compete for their share of the $1 million in weekly prizes that will be dedicated to 2023 Player Card contests.

Before getting to Crafting and Burning, holders of 2022 Player Cards can choose to retain these cards. There will be $100K in weekly prizes dedicated to contests gated exclusively for 2022 Player Card holders. Also, any prior-year cards in your collection accrue 10% of the Franchise Score value to that of the same set-rarity-player card from the predetermined value of that in-year collection; this point reduction for 2022 player cards will occur late Summer 2023.

DraftKings Reignmakers Football: 2022 Most and Least Burned Players Cards

It’s time to flip your Reignmakers Football calendar from 2022 to 2023!

Here is a list of some of the most burned cards as of February 22, 2023

New to Reignmakers UFC? Here’s What You Need to Know

Reignmakers UFC is officially underway and firing on all cylinders! Now that the “Weigh-In” phase has ended, our attention has shifted to the Genesis Packs drop, which is on January 6.

If you’re new to Reignmakers UFC and want a full breakdown of how it works, click here.

Find a sneak peek of this article below:

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