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DraftKings Reignmakers | Week 5 Primetime Packs Breakdown

Lucky Trader’s Jason Rouslin breaks down the upcoming pack drop for Week 5 of DraftKings Reignmakers NFL.

This article originally appeared on Lucky Trader: DraftKings Reignmakers | Week 5 Primetime Pack Breakdown

Pack days are always exciting for the DraftKings Reignmakers community, and today marks the drop of Week 5 Primetime Packs! This week we get three different packs, all with a drop price of $39.99.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into these packs, including what you can expect to find in them and what their expected value might be. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the game, this breakdown will help you make informed decisions and maximize your experience in the world of DraftKings Reignmakers. Let’s get started!

Week 5 Rush Pack Options & Features: Primetime Slates

First, let’s go over the games. The slates start off with Chicago at Washington, as Justin Fields and DJ Moore are coming off their best games of the season on Sunday, and are both part of optimal builds. Sam Howell and his Commanders also put up a great game against Philadelphia and should make for a solid Thursday night matchup.

Then, in the game of the week, San Fransisco hosts Dallas. The game will feature two of the best defenses and some of the best playmakers on offense.

I expect these packs will go very quickly with so many good cards and players available.

Finally, the slate ends with Las Vegas playing at home against Green Bay, with a slew of solid prospects at skill positions including Josh Jacobs, Davante Adams and Aaron Jones.

Now, let’s explore what you can expect to find inside these packs and assess their potential value.

2023 Rush Standard Primetime Pack (Week 5)

  • Price/Edition Count: $39.99
  • Composition: 4 Cards
  • Guarantees: One RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY or REIGNMAKER (including Royal)
  • Highlights: 2,000 Franchise Score Points for each Digital Player Card, Ability to Generate Crowns when players reach certain yardage milestones
  • Rarity:
  1. CORE - 2.875 per pack*
  2. RARE - 1.025 per pack*
  3. RARE ROYAL - 0.009 per pack*
  4. ELITE - 0.078 per pack*
  5. LEGENDARY - 0.009 per pack*
  6. REIGNMAKER - 0.004 per pack* (except Monday night there are no RMs)

Rush Standard Primetime Pack (Week 5) Pack Contents & EV Analysis


Now that we’ve established the contents of each pack, let’s delve into a few crucial aspects regarding the player cards featured in them and explore their potential expected value (EV). Because neither of these teams has had a showdown game yet, there are a ton of editions available, thus a large number of packs available for this game.

To begin, let’s examine some key facts. The Rush Standard Primetime Pack for the Chicago vs. Washington game.

  • QB: 2
  • RB: 4
  • WR: 7
  • TE: 4
  • DEF: 9
  • K: 2

Top Cards:

  1. Justin Fields LEGENDARY
  3. Terry McLaurin LEGENDARY
  4. Justin Fields ELITE

SF vs. DAL

Contrary to the two previous teams, both Dallas and San Francisco has had at least one showdown game, thus, there are about half as many packs available for this game, and the cards in it are just more valuable overall.

  • QB: 2
  • RB: 3
  • WR: 6
  • TE: 3
  • DEF: 7
  • K: 1

Projected Value Per Pack: $66.50

Projected EV: +$26.50*

Top Cards:

  1. Christian McCaffrey LEGENDARY
  2. Tony Pollard LEGENDARY
  3. CeeDee Lamb LEGENDARY
  4. Dak Prescott LEGENDARY
  5. Brock Purdy LEGENDARY

LV vs. GB

Lastly, onto the Monday night game featuring Green Bay and Las Vegas. There are 4,151 packs available, but a slightly better player pool than the Thursday night game in this lot.

  • QB: 2
  • RB: 3
  • WR: 6
  • TE: 3
  • DEF: 7
  • K: 1

Top Cards:

  1. Josh Jacobs LEGENDARY
  2. Devante Adams LEGENDARY
  3. Jordan Love LEGENDARY
  4. Aaron Jones LEGENDARY

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*EV calculations are made utilizing Lucky Trader’s DraftKings Reignmakers price estimator and projections.

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