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DraftKings Reignmakers | Week 4 Diary, Top Stacks and Insights

Lucky Trader’s Jason Rouslin breaks down the upcoming week of DraftKings Reignmakers NFL.

This article originally appeared on Lucky Trader: DraftKings Reignmakers | Week 4 Diary, Top Stacks & Insights

Last week was a high-scoring fantasy week, and now we’re heading into Week 4 with the largest DraftKings Reignmakers prize pool of the season, featuring two chances to win $100K. In this article, I’ll share my strategies for planning and preparing for the upcoming contests, helping you make the most of your cards.

Upcoming Contests

First, it’s crucial to familiarize everyone with the upcoming portfolio strategies, as many of them revolve around these contests. Here are the next set of significant contests in the DraftKings Reignmakers game, all being played today:

  • $180K GTD, $100K to First ELITE
  • $250K GTD, $100K to First CORE “RUSH only”
  • $100K GTD, $20K to First RARE “International Only”

Portfolio Recap & Strategy for Week 4

After DraftKings revealed the future utility of cards, I chose to retain most of my portfolio, emphasizing building my 2023 collection via my extensive 2022 collection, which boasts over 1,500 NFT cards with top-tier players.

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As the week went on, I found myself regularly checking the activity feed on DraftKings. I was constantly adding lower serial editions of players who were expected to perform well in the upcoming slate. It’s always exciting to chase the big prizes, especially with the contest being played at the CORE tier and the added advantage of the Lineup Optimizer, which made creating over 70 lineups a breeze!

Now, let’s move on to the ELITE tier, where the other $100K to first place contest is happening. It was a challenging week for my smaller ELITE collection because Aaron Jones and Calvin Ridley were both scheduled for showdown games. This created a bit of a logjam in terms of top-end talent for my No. 1 lineup. So, after purchasing De’Von Achane early on Sunday last week before his prices skyrocketed, and doing the same for the returning star WR Jaylen Waddle, buying a Tua Tagovailoa RARE card was an easy decision. With Justin Jefferson as the anchor of that lineup, only one more player was left to fill that spot.

After starting Aaron Jones in the Deep Roster format, and seeing him have a disappointing game, I decided to move all my Sunday classic slate players, including Justin Fields, Roschon Johnson, Jahan Dotson, and two players starting in the 4:00 p.m. window. If Fields, Johnson, and Dotson end up having ceiling games, I can use some of those stars from the 4:00 p.m. window to try and improve my second ELITE lineup. Perhaps even create a Cowboys stack with Tony Pollard and CeeDee Lamb.

Week 4 Slate Breakdown

Week 4 offers a Classic Slate with 12 games. Instead of a detailed breakdown, I’m highlighting crucial statistics, key injuries, and a few primary targets.

Game Info

  • Top Projected Game: Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins (53.5 over/under)
  • Lowest Projected Game: Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns (38.5 over/under)
  • Top Projected Team: San Francisco (29.5 projected points)
  • Lowest Projected Team: Arizona Cardinals (15 projected points)

Key Injuries & Replacements

  • Austin Ekeler: Out -> Joshua Kelley
  • Jimmy Garrappolo Out > Unknown (Hoyer or O’Connell)
  • Derek Carr Doubtful > Jameis Winston
  • Odell Beckham & Rashod Bateman Out > Zay Flowers

Top Game Stacks

  • Tua Tagoviliao with Tyreek Hill & Stefon Diggs: 66 points
  • Josh Allen with Stefon Diggs & Jaylen Waddle: 62 points
  • Justin Herbert with Keenan Alen & Josh Jacobs: 60 points
  • Jalen Hurts & A.J Brown & Terry McLauin (or Jahan Dotson): 55 points
  • Brock Purdy with Christian McCaffery & James Conner: 55 points

Top Targets

  • QBs: Brock Purdy (SF), Anthony Richardson (IND)
  • RBs: James Cook (BUF), Joe Mixon (CIN)
  • WRs: Jaylen Waddle (MIA), Zay Flowers (BAL)

There you have it! Good luck to everyone this week with your Reignmakers NFL Week 4 Lineup!

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