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JOIN NOW: The Reignmakers Football x Slycrocs Contest is LIVE

Learn about the SlyCrocs collection.

Join a Reignmakers Football contest in the lobby here!

DraftKings Partners with SupDucks to Launch Reignmakers Football SlyCrocs Collection

DraftKings is partnering with SupDucks to launch the SlyCrocs collection, which will be available exclusively on the DraftKings Marketplace starting in Week 6 of the NFL season. The SlyCrocs drop will be integrated into the Reignmakers Football ecosystem with SupDucks style art profile pictures (PFPs), contest utility, airdrop exclusives and more.

How does this tie into Reignmakers?

SlyCrocs holders will participate in a series of Reignmakers football contests featuring a unique real-life experience with the SupDucks founders and creators.

Why is this unique?

This is the first-ever PFP drop on the DraftKings Marketplace by a blue-chip Web3 brand and legendary artist, FrankyNines.

How To Get Started:

  1. How to Play Reignmakers: Mission, Achievements, and Franchise Scoring
  2. Build Your Franchise: How to Build Your Team, Rarity Tiers, and Roster Requirements
  3. Build Your Lineup: Player NFT Supply, Scarcity, and Marketplace
  4. Gameplay Experience: Choose Your Contest and Set Your Lineup
  5. Prizes Up For Grabs: Win Prizes!

Week 9 Contest Prizes

1st: $3,000 + SupDuck 6919

2nd: $1,500 + SupDuck 9750

3rd: $1,000 + SupDuck 7418

4th: $500

5th: $300

6th: $200

7th: $150

8th: $100

9th: $75

10th: $50

11th-25th: $40

26th-50th: $30

51st-100th: $25

101st-1,000th: 2022 Genesis CORE Promo Pack

Join the Week 9 SlyCrocs contest here!

Check out the Reignmakers Football Lobby here!

For the full breakdown of the roadmap, please visit the Reignmakers Football Landing Page.

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