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DraftKings Reignmakers Week 14 Contest Recap

Lucky Trader’s Hunter Langille recaps all the major fantasy football contests from Week 14 of DraftKings Reignmakers.

This article originally appeared on Lucky Trader: DraftKings Reignmakers | Week 14 Contest Recap

The winners of the Week 14 DraftKings Reignmakers slate rostered a variety of players, but most notably Trevor Lawrence, Tony Pollard, Justin Jefferson, and Ja’Marr Chase.

Jefferson stood out as the top SuperStar option going against the weak Detroit secondary in the highest total game of the slate. One could make a case that Pollard and Chase were the top-two non-SuperStar players this week and the winning teams in the ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER tier each had these three players.

Evan Engram separated himself from the rest of the pack with 42.2 DKFP, scoring 23.5 more than the next-highest tight end. Although it’s not required to roster a tight end in most Reignmakers contests, Engram appeared on both the CORE and RARE winning lineups.

This was also the final week before the Reignmakers Live Final in New Orleans. Next week, 50 qualifiers will construct five different Reignmakers lineups at each rarity tier, and the player with the highest cumulative score will be crowned the first-ever World Champion.

Here is a look at the winning teams in Week 14:


Cmefly80 won the CORE contest this week with the highest score amongst the winners at 156.52 DKFP. The only winner to roster Christian McCaffrey, this user came close to assembling the perfect lineup. Jerick McKinnon over McCaffrey and Justin Jefferson over Pat Freiermuth would have done the trick.


The RARE Fiat Frenzy contest winner was cmagoon2323, who chose to double-stack Trevor Lawrence with Zay Jones and Evan Engram. This trio was the highest-scoring stack of the entire slate, with a cumulative total of 100.32 DKFP. Although not required in this tier, the Evan Engram player card was an ELITE edition. Hardly a candidate to be the overall top fantasy scorer, Engram could have just been a fill-in for one of cmagoon2323’s 47 lineups in this contest.


The winner of $100,000 at the ELITE level was EZGOAT who elected not to pair Trevor Lawrence with any Jaguars’ pass-catchers. This was the only winning team to roster Miles Sanders, who dominated on the ground with 144 yards and two touchdowns. Ja’Marr Chase was rostered on 11.9 percent of teams in this contest, which was second only to the 13.4 percent of Amon-Ra St. Brown. EZGOAT took home the largest prize of the week with this win.


stradlater won the LEGENDARY contest with a Kirk Cousins-Justin Jefferson stack and an Amon-Ra St. Brown bring-back. Although St. Brown didn’t quite meet expectations, this lineup conquered a field of 610 players. No player on this team was an off-the-board play and it wouldn’t be surprising to see an optimizer spit out something similar to this lineup, which earned stradlater $10,000.


The winner of “The Alpha” this week was StealCityHall, who played the exact same team as the winner of the LEGENDARY contest. A frequent atop “The Alpha” leaderboard, StealCityHall won this contest by nearly 13 DKFP.

Using the Lucky Trader Portfolio Tool, we can see that the Ja’Marr Chase REIGNMAKER was purchased for $16,000 a few days after the season started. While Chase carried the SuperStar tag at the time of purchase, an injury and SuperStar tag removal make that card an even better value now. Chase and the Bengals look primed for a Super Bowl run, and holding these cards looks like a winning strategy as the regular season nears a close.

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