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Weekly NFT Newsletter for Reignmakers Football on DraftKings Marketplace

We provide an update on the Reignmakers Holiday Side Set, our NFT partnership with SLAM Magazine, our Troll-themed collection plus so much more.

To quickly navigate to the Reignmakers Football contest lobby, please visit the DraftKings NFT games page.

Did you miss any of the content throughout the week with Week 10 in the books? This newsletter will summarize the key details for Reignmakers Football and the DraftKings Marketplace to help you catch up.

DraftKings Offering First Reignmakers Millionaire Contest, Rolls out Holiday Side Set

For the first time ever, Reignmakers Football players will have an opportunity to compete in a Millionaire contest!

But, it doesn’t end with the $1 million going to first place. All told, there will be $2 million in total prizes handed out from the Reignmakers Holiday Millionaire!

Read how to enter here.

Buy Holiday Packs on the DraftKings Marketplace!

DraftKings Marketplace Primetime Series Hits the DK Shop

The Primetime Series has hit the DraftKings Shop!

Fans of the Primetime Series featured in the DraftKings Marketplace can now represent their favorite NFTs wherever they go!

DraftKings Brings Primetime Series Cup Dreams to the Marketplace

DraftKings is celebrating soccer’s massive tournament with the Primetime Series. Six new collectibles are hitting the DraftKings Marketplace as part of this series, each one representing countries taking part in the event:

  • USA
  • Portugal
  • England
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Argentina

Buy from Cup Dreams Collection on the DraftKings Marketplace!

DraftKingdom: Top 7 Troll PFP Sales; Top 5 Unopened; Top 25 Rarest with Full Checklist

The DraftKingdom has opened its doors, and Trolls have officially hit the marketplace! Find a breakdown of the largets Troll PFP sales so far on DraftKings Marketplace here.

Autograph and SLAM Partner for Iconic Six-Cover NFT Collection on DraftKings Marketplace

Since it launched in 1994, SLAM Magazine has represented the ultimate Basketball Brand and featured some of the most iconic legends on memorable covers. Last fall, DraftKings partnered with Autograph and SLAM to release Logo Passes that referenced some of the most legendary covers. This year, there will be six iconic SLAM covers featured in 12 iconic NFTs available in the DraftKings Marketplace.

Drop Details

There will be 7,750 packs available initially. Individuals who held a SLAM logo pass on November 11 at 3:00 p.m. ET (the Early Access Deadline) will receive early access benefits to the event starting November 15 at 3:00 p.m. ET. Early Access Period details are as follows:

  • Early Access Discount Price: $15.00
  • SLAM “Bayou Bling” Logo Pass - 1 purchase limit per pass
  • SLAM “Up in Smoke” Logo Pass - 1 purchase limit per pass
  • SLAM “No Luck Needed” Logo Pass - 2 purchase limit per pass
  • SLAM “Kings Wear Crowns” Logo Pass - 2 purchase limit per pass
  • SLAM “Soul on Ice” Logo Pass - 3 purchase limit per pass

The packs will contain either regular or metal editions of the following covers:

  • Ray Allen The Color of Money SLAM Cover
  • Kevin Garnett “How To” SLAM Cover
  • Steve Nash is No Joke SLAM Cover
  • Dirk Nowitzki 4 MVP SLAM Cover
  • Tim Duncan Ice Man 2000 SLAM Cover
  • Allen Iverson Respect the Game SLAM Cover

Public access to the collection begins on November 17 at 5:00 p.m. ET, and individuals will be able to purchase packs at that time for $35.00.

Read more about each of the legends featured in the collection here.

DraftKings Marketplace Takes Next Step in Development with Introduction of Public API

DraftKings Marketplace is building a public API to provide key information about select transactions that occur in the marketplace. The “transaction feed” will be backfilled to include historical transactions since inception (August 8, 2021).

While minting takes place on-chain, all other transactions take place off-chain. This feed is designed to replicate the data that would be recorded on the blockchain, if Marketplace transactions took place on-chain.

Key details about each transaction will be included, along with the merchandise/item, such as the item’s collection name and all relevant attribute values.

Reignmakers Week 10 Contest Recap

Justin Fields dominated the quarterback position again in Week 10. He gained another 147 yards on the ground and appeared in all five of the big tournament-winning lineups at each rarity tier. Hunter Langille broke down the winning lineup for the biggest contest in the land, the ELITE Fiat Frenzy and many more. If you’re interested in seeing which lineups took down the prizes this week, check the article out.

Reignmakers Market Reports

With Week 10 in the books, the team over at Lucky Trader recapped the week and analyzed the full slate for Week 11 of Reignmakers Football.

If you missed any of the news over the weekend or wanted to know how injuries affected the market, check out this great article from Jason Bales. He takes a look at market inefficiencies with a section on the weekly welcome, season-long stashes and SuperStar steals. He also takes a look at the injuries to Kyler Murray, Jerry Jeudy, Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford as well as the running back situation in Tampa Bay.

The team at Lucky Trader has also started a weekly diary. Seen below is part of the Week 11 diary.

The team will continue to drop strategy content throughout the week to help you navigate all things Reignmakers Football.

Educational Resources

Reignmakers Resource Library

Reignmakers Core Contest Breakdown

How do Reignmakers Football Contest & Rarity Tiers Work?

How Reignmakers Football Scoring Works

Reignmakers Football 101: Rarities, Positions and SuperStars

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