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DraftKingdom: Top 7 Troll PFP Sales; Top 5 Unopened; Top 25 Rarest with Full Checklist

Find a breakdown of the largets Troll PFP sales so far on DraftKings Marketplace!

The DraftKingdom has opened its doors, and Trolls have officially hit the marketplace!

Buy Trolls on secondary!

Visit the DraftKingdom in the DraftKings Marketplace here!

About the Trolls

DraftKings PFP Trolls are part of a larger collection titled “The DraftKingdom” which brings to life your unique identity across the DraftKings ecosystem and community interactions.

In the DraftKingdom live mythical beings of all shapes, sizes, and demeanors. They are brought together by their love of competition.

One such species, the Troll, was the first to inhabit the land. Trolls are blessed with incredible strength and a zealous passion for athletics, though they lack speed and wit. You can usually sniff them out in their Fan Caves, as they rarely find a minute to take their eyes off of the action.

With 75 unique traits and thousands of combinations, each troll is truly one of a kind.

NFT influencers are already getting in on Trolls! Don’t miss out before it’s too late.

Top Sales Breakdown

Top Unopened Trolls

Top Unopened Trolls (as of November 10)

Troll 1406 Bloodmoon Gold Cyborg Mouth Guard Fire Hair RM Hoodie Torch DK Earring 2773
Troll 355 Sunrise Green Cyborg Bandage Visor RM Hoodie Torch RM Lanyard 2487
Troll 244 Swamp Gold Eye Patch Tongue Visor Referee Sword None 2420
Troll 291 Hand of Buddha Leopard Stunners Bandage Visor Pads Baseball Bat RM Lanyard 2067
Troll 1242 Fog Purple Laser Tongue Beanie None Torch RM Lanyard 1839
Troll 1361 Sunrise Gold Stunners Chin Beard Headband Hockey Sweater Golf Club DK Earring 1833
Troll 156 Hand of Buddha Green Stunners Bandage Trucker TT Shirt Axe None 1821
Troll 972 Sunrise Purple 3D Glasses Gold Nose Ring Fire Hair GG Polo Ski Pole Belt 1810
Troll 1008 Fog Green None Gold Teeth Football Helmet Referee Axe None 1736
Troll 719 Fog Leopard 3D Glasses Soul Patch Raccoon RM Hoodie Sword Belt 1696
Troll 132 Blue Sky Orange Black Eye Gold Teeth Rally Cap None Lax Stick DK Earring 1633
Troll 1431 Blue Sky Gold Third Eye Chin Beard Cowboy Hockey Sweater Mace RM Lanyard 1614
Troll 282 Sunrise Pink Laser Drool None None None DK Earring 1607
Troll 1322 Hand of Buddha Pink Eye Patch Chin Beard Visor None Wizard Staff None 1607
Troll 648 Dusk Green Smiley Eye Bandage Crown Referee Tennis Racket Belt 1601
Troll 1034 Swamp Zebra Eye Patch None Rally Cap RM Hoodie Sword None 1596
Troll 1363 Fog Gold Black Eye Chin Beard Fire Hair Basketball Jersey Spiked Bat None 1584
Troll 292 Dusk Pink None Tongue Visor Hockey Sweater Torch Diamond Earring 1540
Troll 1144 Swamp Green Smiley Eye Tongue Trucker None Spiked Bat DK Necklace 1528
Troll 1452 Swamp Purple Laser Tongue None Referee Mace None 1491
Troll 836 Sunrise Purple Eye Patch Soul Patch Trucker Pads Torch None 1474
Troll 465 Fog Green Smiley Eye Gold Nose Ring Raccoon Basketball Jersey Spiked Bat None 1438
Troll 1443 Blue Sky Orange Black Eye Soul Patch Visor None Mace None 1433
Troll 429 Fog Purple Black Eye Tongue Visor Referee Sword None 1427
Troll 1471 Fog Silver Black Eye Chin Beard Football Helmet Referee Torch None 1194
Troll 1410 Blue Sky Zebra None Drool Football Helmet GG Polo Spiked Bat RM Lanyard 1139
Troll 1453 Blue Sky Silver Smiley Eye None Raccoon TT Shirt None RM Lanyard 1114
Troll 1122 Fog Zebra Stunners Stache Mohawk Mullet Pads Golf Club None 1104
Troll 1013 Amethyst Zebra Third Eye Stubble Halo Hockey Sweater Wizard Staff Belt 1101
Troll 1059 Fog Silver Cyborg Bandage Rally Cap GG Polo Wizard Staff Belt 1095
Troll 1407 Dusk Silver Stunners None None Hockey Sweater Torch Belt 1094
Troll 731 Swamp Silver Black Eye Gold Tooth Rally Cap Pads Axe None 1092
Troll 1345 Dusk Silver Smiley Eye Tongue Fire Hair Baseball Jersey Tennis Racket None 1092
Troll 1397 Fog Silver 3D Glasses Bandage Rally Cap Pads Golf Club DK Earring 1089
Troll 391 Bloodmoon Zebra Smiley Eye Chin Beard Football Helmet Baseball Jersey Ski Pole None 1073
Troll 1422 Fog Silver Smiley Eye Soul Patch Raccoon Basketball Jersey Ski Pole Diamond Earring 1069
Troll 697 Swamp Silver None Chin Beard Headband Baseball Jersey Tennis Racket None 1069
Troll 1271 Fog Purple Stunners Stubble Mohawk Mullet None Ski Pole Belt 1067
Troll 635 Hand of Buddha Silver Third Eye Soul Patch None Basketball Jersey Spiked Bat None 1053
Troll 850 Blue Sky Pink None Soul Patch Beanie None Golf Club DK Earring 1052
Troll 814 Sunrise Zebra Smiley Eye Mouth Guard Beanie GG Polo Axe None 1049
Troll 860 Dusk Orange None Tongue Football Helmet TT Shirt Spiked Bat DK Necklace 1039
Troll 682 Bloodmoon Green 3D Glasses Stubble Viking Helmet TT Shirt Lax Stick Diamond Earring 1037
Troll 994 Swamp Leopard Eye Patch Stubble Raccoon Baseball Jersey Golf Club Diamond Earring 1033
Troll 1475 Sunrise Silver 3D Glasses Tongue Raccoon GG Polo Torch Belt 1025
Troll 1141 Bloodmoon Green Stunners Drool Scally Cap GG Polo Lax Stick Belt 1007
Troll 1065 Hand of Buddha Green Smiley Eye Mouth Guard Fire Hair Referee Ski Pole RM Lanyard 1004
Troll 1312 Swamp Green Stunners Bandage Rally Cap TT Shirt Baseball Bat RM Lanyard 1001
Troll 1349 Bloodmoon Leopard Stunners Mouth Guard None None Tennis Racket None 997
Troll 1342 Bloodmoon Zebra Cyborg Mouth Guard Halo Referee Baseball Bat None 993

All of these trolls are in unopened packs.

Also, here’s a breakdown of DraftKingdom’s 25 rarest Trolls:

DraftKings Top 25 Rarest Trolls

Ranking Background Skins Handhelds Clothing Bling Mouth-Face Eyes Hat/Hair
Ranking Background Skins Handhelds Clothing Bling Mouth-Face Eyes Hat/Hair
1 Bloodmoon Gold Torch RM Hoodie DK Earring Mouth Guard Cyborg Fire Hair
2 Sunrise Orange Golf Club GG Polo Diamond Earring Tongue Laser Trucker
3 Sunrise Green Torch RM Hoodie Lanyard Bandaid Cyborg Visor
4 Swamp Gold Sword Referee None Tongue Eye Patch Visor
5 Sunrise Pink Mace RM Hoodie None Tongue Eye Patch Crown
6 Hand of Buddha Leopard Baseball Bat Pads Lanyard Bandaid Stunners Visor
7 Fog Silver Ski Pole Referee Diamond Earring Gold Teeth Smiley Eye Headband
8 Sunrise Silver Wizard Staff Referee Diamond Earring Drool Third Eye Crown
9 Fog Leopard Baseball Bat Hockey Sweater DK Necklace Gold Tooth Cyborg Trucker
10 Dusk Leopard Baseball Bat Basketball Jersey Diamond Earring Mouth Guard Third Eye Trucker
11 Blue Sky Gold Hockey Stick Hockey Sweater Diamond Earring Drool Stunners Hockey Helmet
12 Amethyst Orange Torch GG Polo Diamond Earring Tongue Stunners Crown
13 Fog Purple Torch None Lanyard Tongue Laser Beanie
14 Dusk Leopard Tennis Racket Basketball Jersey Diamond Earring Gold Nose Ring 3D Glasses Viking Helmet
15 Amethyst Gold Spiked Bat Baseball Jersey DK Earring Stache 3D Glasses Cowboy
16 Sunrise Gold Golf Club Hockey Sweater DK Earring Chin Beard Stunners Headband
17 Fog Green Torch Hockey Sweater Belt Gold Nose Ring Smiley Eye Football Helmet
18 Hand of Buddha Green Axe TT Shirt None Bandaid Stunners Trucker
19 Sunrise Purple Ski Pole GG Polo Belt Gold Nose Ring 3D Glasses Fire Hair
20 Bloodmoon Orange Golf Club Basketball Jersey Lanyard Gold Tooth Laser Raccoon
21 Sunrise Purple Wizard Staff Pads None Gold Teeth None Football Helmet
22 Dusk Purple None Hockey Sweater DK Necklace Gold Nose Ring Stunners Halo
23 Hand of Buddha Green Tennis Racket Referee None Gold Teeth 3D Glasses Fire Hair
24 Bloodmoon Zebra Lax Stick RM Hoodie Diamond Earring Chin Beard 3D Glasses Raccoon
25 Swamp Zebra Ski Pole None None Gold Teeth Eye Patch Mohawk Mullet

And just like that, DraftKings’ first PFP is already sold out. As a result, DraftKingdom Trolls holders are being presented with sellout bonuses.

Preferred Access and Public Bonus

All users who picked up a Troll in the drop will have access to a DFS contest on Sunday, November 20 at 1 p.m. ET (Week 11). The snapshot for the $4K 72 Hour Sellout Bonus will be on Friday, November 11 at 5 p.m. ET.

Preferred Access Bonus

All users who picked up a Troll in the preferred access period of the drop will have access to another DFS contest on Sunday, November 20 at 1 p.m. ET (Week 11). The snapshot for the $4K 72 Hour Sellout Bonus - Preferred Access Users will also be on Friday, November 11 at 5 p.m. ET.

In order to qualify for preferred access to the DraftKingdom Trolls drop, one of the following requirements needed to be completed for the snapshot on Thursday, November 3:

  • Hold at least one SlyCrocs pfp
  • Hold at least one Primetime Series reward NFT (TourneyToons: Kingds of the Tourney, Reward GolfGuys: Hats Off Victory, Court Vision Reward Day vs Night, Grass Court Passes Reward: Seventh for the Serbian, Rec League All-Stars Reward: Hollywood Hardballers, Pixel Playmakers Reward: Leveled Up, Zom-B Team Reward: Duel for the Diamond)
  • Enter at least four Week 3 x Web3 contests in Reignmakers

Learn more about the DraftKingdom here!

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