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SlyCrocs PLAYOFF CHAMPIONSHIP: Celebrate the King of the Pond!

Learn about the upcoming SlyCrocs playoff championship!

SlyCrocs Playoff Championship Snapshot

The final SlyCrocs Playoff Contest is on the horizon!

On 2/6 at 11:59PM ET, a snapshot will be taken. Holders of three (3) or more SlyCrocs will receive entry to the SlyCrocs Playoff Challenge contest for the big game!

SlyCrocs Conference Championship Playoff Challenge Snapshot

The next SlyCrocs Playoff Contest is on the horizon!

On 1/23 at 11:59PM ET, a snapshot will be taken. Holders of three (3) or more SlyCrocs will receive entry to the SlyCrocs Playoff Challenge contest for the NFL Conference Championships!

SlyCrocs Divisional Round Playoff Challenge Snapshot

The next SlyCrocs Playoff Contest is on the horizon!

On 1/16 at 11:59PM ET, a snapshot will be taken. Holders of three (3) or more SlyCrocs will receive entry to the SlyCrocs Playoff Challenge contest for the NFL Divisional Round!

SlyCrocs Playoff Challenge

Our pond is a popular place for everyone with SupDucks, SlyCrocs & now WHALES here to play. Ducks love bread, Crocs are always hungry… and it’s safe to assume WHALES hold an appetite.

So, there’s no better way to welcome a new fren & celebrate the RM postseason by breaking & getting that. If you hold 3 or More SlyCrocs, you’re officially a WHALE & can compete in the SlyCrocs Playoff Challenge.

3 Crocs equals 1 entry per holder. Holders of MORE than 3, will receive an entry for each additional croc over 3. The max amount of entries per holder is capped at 25.

Contest Details

Wild Card Round

  • Week 1: Contest for Saturday, 1/14 AND Sunday, 1/15 Games
  • Whales snapshot Monday, 1/9 @ 11:59pm ET for Week 1 contests

Divisional Round

  • Week 2: Contest for Saturday, 1/21 AND Sunday 1/22 Games
  • Whales snapshot Monday, 1/16 @ 11:59pm ET for Week 2 contests

Conference Championships

  • Week 3: Contest for AFC and NFC Championship Games Sunday, 1/29
  • Whales snapshot Monday, 1/23 @ 11:59pm ET for Week 3 contests

Big Game

  • Week 4: SHOWDOWN Contest for the Big Game Sunday, 2/12
  • Whales snapshot Monday, 2/6 @ 11:59pm ET for Week 4 contests

Each Week’s Contests offer a shared $2K prize pool with 1st place earning a SupDuck NFT So snap up those Crocs, to compete with those WHALES.

SlyCrocs Week 17 Snapshot

SlyCrocs had a snapshot on Monday, December 26 to qualify for the Week 17 Reignmakers Football contest.

The winner of the Week 17 contest will receive a 1/1 NFT from the SupDucks team!

This is the “Championship Reignmakers Contest” as it will be the last RM NFL contest of the year. The contest prize pool is the biggest of the season!

$15K prize pool + Top 3 win SupDuck NFTs


  1. 8095
  2. 5477
  3. 4494

SlyCrocs Week 15 Contest Prizing

1st - $3,000

2nd - $1,000

3rd - $750

4th - $500

5th - $400

6th - $300

7th - $200

8th - $100

9th - $75

10th - $50

11th – 25th - $25

26th – 50th - $20

51st – 100th - $15

101st – 500th – GENESIS Promo Pack

Join the Week 15 SlyCrocs Reignmakers contest here!

Update: SlyCrocs Snapshot Incoming

We know it’s been a minute since our SlyCrocs holders have been out hunting, and we have come to the pond with updates to serve. Winter has fallen, the chill has set in, and food has been scarce the past few weekends. Some of you SlyCrocs have suited up to combat the cold, and we understand you need that extra layer of heat to stay warm.

We will be airdropping 3 REIGNMAKERS FOOTBALL GENESIS PROMO PACKS (promo pack details featured below) for our Winter themed SlyCrocs frens. Traits include: 80s Sweater, Hoodie, Puffy Jacket, Turtleneck, & Beanie The Reignmakers Football 2022 Genesis CORE Promo Pack includes a Player card NFT from the Genesis Set. Each Pack contains ONE CORE Rarity Tier Player Card NFT (

The snapshot for holders with the following traits will be Monday, 12/12 @ 11:59pm ET Airdrop will occur sometime after the snapshot ahead of Week 15 contests.

For those of you cold-blooded Crocs who have managed to keep the circulatory system in check, we still have something for you!

Week 15 features another SlyCrocs Contest. The snapshot for Week 15 contest entry for SlyCrocs holders will be Monday, 12/12 @ 11:59pm ET holders must have their Croc in their DK wallet to be eligible.

Update: SlyCrocs Snapshot Incoming

We see you SlyCrocs holders lurking by the pond, waiting for your next meal… And Trolls, we also know you are hungry, but remember Crocs are friends, not food. The good news: the holidays are right around the corner, and we’re dropping some sweet rewards you’ll be sure to gobble up.

We’ve cooked up a tasty rivalry between our Trolls and Crocs, and soon you’ll be able to face them head-to-head in a $2K DFS Contest. Each contest will have a standard payout structure but as an added bonus, the Top 10 finishing entries in each contest will move onto a $1K final contest on 11/27 at 1PM ET.

The snapshot for this contest will be TODAY (11/14) at 5PM ET.

So Trolls, make sure y’all come out hungry at 5PM ET because you have an additional snapshot for TWO $2K contests today at that very same time.

And for a second helping, Croc holders with the following traits: Chef Hat, Apron, Flannel, Buttermilk Skin, Bread Knife …are you sensing a theme? These turkey day traits will unlock a special airdrop of two Reignmakers ELEVATE Promo Packs for EACH SlyCrocs holder :parachute:

The snapshot to receive the airdrop will be on Tuesday, 11/15 at 11:59PM ET

Get ready for some hefty rewards ahead of the Holiday season!

Update: SlyCrocs Contest Winner

Reignmakers users pizzolater and mjpjry910 (two entries) finished in the top 3 of the exclusive SlyCrocs contest! $3K will be rewarded to pizzolate for finishing in 1st, along with a SupDuck NFT. Two SupDuck NFTs will also be awarded to mjpjry910 since they finished second and third.

A snapshot of DraftKings Reignmakers SlyCrocs holders is happening tonight, Nov. 1, at 11:59 p.m. ET. Each SlyCroc will equal one entry ticket for an upcoming exclusive contest for Week 9 of the NFL season.

Attribute Breakdown

Check out the SlyCrocs collection on DraftKings Marketplace!

Find the exclusive SlyCrocs contest — which will only become available after tickets are airdropped — here. $3K will be rewarded to 1st place in the contest above, along with SupDuck NFTs to the Top 3!

Reignmakers will also guarantee three more contests this season for SlyCrocs holders. Additionally, all SlyCrocs with DK Crown, Football Pads, Sup Jersey, Chin Strap, or Boston Jersey traits will receive five single-card Genesis promotional packs.

Don’t miss out on tonight’s SlyCrocs snapshot!

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