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DraftKings Reignmakers Week 7 Contest Recap

Lucky Trader’s Hunter Langille recaps all the major fantasy football contests from Week 7 of DraftKings Reignmakers. 

For the second consecutive week, Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase stacks won all the tournaments. The entire Bengals offense was humming in their home matchup vs. the Falcons, with Burrow finishing as the overall QB1, Chase the WR1 and Tyler Boyd the WR2.

Josh Jacobs was the highest-scoring running back of the slate with his 142-yard, three-touchdown performance vs. the Texans. Any potential leverage in fading the over 40% owned Jacobs in DFS went out the window with his 39.5 DKFP performance. As seen in the Week 7 Market Report, Jacob’s CORE cards were being bought more than any other player leading up to the weekend.

The perfect lineup this week would have been Burrow, Jacobs, Chase, Boyd and Kenneth Walker III. Although nobody played this exact iteration, two winners were just one player-swap away.

Here is a look at the winning teams in each tier from the main slate:

Core Lineup

The winner of the CORE $50K Fiat Frenzy was gsvede, who had the highest-scoring team on the slate with 171.14 DKFP. A swap from Mike Williams to Tyler Boyd would have made this the best possible lineup to play. Williams still finished as the WR7 and benefited from the absence of Josh Palmer and a limited Keenan Allen. gsvede played 15 lineups in this contest, and their second-best finish was 1,019th place.

Rare Lineup

The winner of the $80K Fiat Frenzy in the Rare tier was rseid12345, who was also just a one-player swap away from being the perfect lineup. Walker over Terry McLaurin would have made this lineup perfect. This was the only winning team to play all three of Burrow, Chase and Boyd, and the only team to play McLaurin. With his second-best fantasy score of the season, McLaurin appears to already have solid chemistry with backup quarterback Taylor Heinicke.

Elite Lineup

The winner of $100K in the ELITE Fiat Frenzy was TheFin, who scored 167.94 DKFP. This contest featured a unique twist because the second-place finisher put up the same amount of DKFP. However, Reignmakers’ scoring states a tiebreaker is decided by whoever has the lowest cumulative serial number across all their cards. TheFin had a total of 157 and JJangBang, in second place, had 258. In this unique scenario, JJangBang lost $80K due to not having lower serial numbers.

Legendary Lineup

The winner of the $100K Fiat Frenzy at the Legendary tier was KillerCarnage, who constructed the only winning team without Chase. This player elected to not replace Chase with another Superstar and instead played Jacobs, Williams and Mike Evans. At these higher stakes, the cost of players becomes highly restrictive, and Ja’Marr Chase Legendary player cards currently have a floor price of $3,400 in the Reignmakers Marketplace. KillerCarnage was able to save a lot of money by pairing Boyd with Burrow instead.

Reignmaker Lineup

The winner of the $150K The Alpha was wiley77, who played the popular Burrow-Chase-Jacobs combo and rounded it out with Michael Pittman and Travis Kelce. Rostering Jacobs was the key for wiley77 in edging out BrandonAdams, who finished in a close second. BrandonAdams had Boyd but went with Ezekiel Elliott over Jacobs at running back.

Core Showdown Lineup

The winner of the CORE $10K Fiat Frenzy Showdown slate was jfingram3, who rostered the perfect lineup for this showdown slate. This user had Raheem Mostert at captain, who was the highest0scoring player in the game. This was one of the rare teams to not pair Tua Tagovailoa with one of his wide receivers.

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