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Which teams have the most draft capital going into 2023 NFL Trade Deadline?

We go over the teams with the most assets to move before the deadline.

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The 2023 NFL trade deadline is set for 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Oct. 31, so we can expect to see plenty of trade news in the coming hours. Teams looking to buy will likely need to be willing to give up some top 2024 draft assets, and we take a look at who has the most draft capital heading into the deadline.

2023 NFL Trade Deadline

The Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals have two first round draft picks apiece — Chicago’s second came from Carolina, and Arizona’s is from Houston. The Cardinals currently have the most draft picks available for 2024 at 12. The Bills have 10 picks, and the Texans each have nine. The Bills will likely be able to use their picks as collateral ahead of the trade deadline as buyers, but the Cardinals could acquire a few extra as sellers and have their pick of the 2024 draft class.

The Giants and Patriots each have a top-five pick as things stand currently, and they could sell high at the trade deadline if they believe they can turn things around in the second half of the season.