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How to watch flag football portion of 2024 NFL Pro Bowl via live stream

We go over how and when you can watch the flag football contests at the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl.

NFC quarterback Kirk Cousins #8 of the Minnesota Vikings reacts after passing for a touchdown during an NFL Pro Bowl football game at Allegiant Stadium on February 05, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The NFL no longer does the traditional conference vs. conference football game for its Pro Bowl. For the second year in a row, the league will break the head-to-head competition into two days of a series of skills competitions. Fans of the football game format may enjoy that there will still be a flag football game between the conferences. It will be part of the events on Sunday, February 4, which begins at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN, ABC, and Disney XD and will stream on ESPN+ and NFL+.

The flag football game format is changing. In the 2023 Pro Bowl Games, there were three flag football games, which allowed each conference’s roster to rotate in and all compete. This year, there is just one single flag football game. It will consist of four quarters and will be held on a 50-yard field with traditional 10-yard end zones. Touchdowns are worth six points, and teams will have the option to go for a 1-point conversion from the 5-yard line or a 2-point conversion from the 10-yard line, with kicking not as an option.

The NFC won the first flag football game 33-27. The AFC got revenge with the 18-13 win in game two. Flag football game three came down to the wire, but Kirk Cousins led the NFC to an impromptu 35-33 comeback victory. This clinched the NFC’s first overall Pro Bowl victory since the NFL returned to the conference vs. conference format in 2016.