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What are the chances the Jaguars make the playoffs?

We discuss whether or not the Jacksonville Jaguars will make the 2024 NFL Playoffs

Travis Etienne Jr. #1 of the Jacksonville Jaguars celebrates after a rushing touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Carolina Panthers at EverBank Stadium on December 31, 2023 in Jacksonville, Florida. Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars head into Week 18 in full control of their playoff fate. Well, as in control as one can be when it comes to fate. The Jaguars are in a three-way tie atop the AFC South, but if they can beat the division doormat Tennessee Titans, they’ll be headed to the 2024 NFL Playoffs as the AFC South champs. Of course, if they lose the game, they will be left waiting to see what happens elsewhere in the AFC before knowing if they’ll secure a wild card berth.

Update — The Jaguars fell to the Titans in Week 18 and have been eliminated from playoff contention. The Texans win the AFC South division title and No. 4 seed. This also helps the Steelers and Bills both clinch a playoff berth.

Jacksonville Jaguars current odds

DraftKings odds: To make the playoffs — Yes -300, No +220; AFC South -175
DVOA playoff odds: TBD
ESPN FPI: 83.2%
NY Times odds: 77%

Upcoming Schedule

Week 18: @ Titans

The Titans are playing for pride and draft position while the Jaguars have everything on the line. This gets interesting if Ryan Tannehill has to play in place of Will Levis, but either way, it’s hard to see Jacksonville blowing this one.

Final record prediction: 10-7

Current AFC playoff standings

1. Baltimore Ravens, 13-3 — clinched AFC North and No. 1 seed
2. Miami Dolphins, 11-5 — clinched playoff berth
3. Kansas City Chiefs, 9-6
4. Jacksonville Jaguars, 9-7

5. Cleveland Browns, 11-5 — clinched playoff berth
6. Buffalo Bills, 10-6
7. Indianapolis Colts, 9-7

8. Houston Texans, 9-7
9. Pittsburgh Steelers, 8-7
10. Cincinnati Bengals, 8-7
11. Denver Broncos, 7-8


The Jaguars will reach the playoffs as AFC South champs.