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Eli, Peyton announce 2023-24 ManningCast schedule while teasing third co-host

The ManningCast is back and will be getting even bigger in 2023.

AFC head coach Peyton Manning (L) and NFC head coach Eli Manning talk during the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games at Allegiant Stadium on February 05, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The ManningCast will return for ESPN’s Monday Night Football in the 2023-24 NFL season, offering an alternate broadcast on ESPN2. The show is planning on bringing in a third co-host to join Peyton and Eli, and on Tuesday, the pair released an outtakes reel from “auditions.”

It’s clearly meant to poke fun at things, but there are some names in there that could be on the short list to join the duo. Lil Wayne and Pat McAfee could make sense, particularly given the latter’s move to ESPN. Tom Brady would have made some sense if hadn’t signed a huge contract with Fox Sports.

In the meantime, the video also provided a schedule of the MNF games that will feature the ManningCast alternate broadcast. This year’s series will wrap with a Wild Card game in January.

Week 1, September 11: Bills vs. Jets
Week 4, October 2: Seahawks vs. Giants
Week 5, October 9: Packers vs. Raiders
Week 7, October 23: 49ers vs. Vikings
Week 9, November 6: Chargers vs. Jets
Week 10, November 13: Broncos vs. Bills
Week 11, November 20: Eagles vs. Chiefs
Week 13, December 4: Bengals vs. Jaguars
Week 15, December 18: Chiefs vs. Patriots
Wild Card, January 15: TBD