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Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes agree to record breaking deal worth $210.6 million between 2023-2026

The star QB will receive the most money in NFL history over a four-year span.

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes have agreed to a contract restructure worth $210.6 million fully guaranteed between now and 2026, per NFL Insider Ian Rapoport. This is the most money in NFL history over a four-year span puts him back towards the top as one of the highest paid players in the NFL. Mahomes is still under contract through 2031 and both him and the organization will revisit the agreement following the 2026 season.

With quarterbacks like Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, and Joe Burrow recently signing record-breaking deals, Mahomes dropped down to being the eighth-highest paid QB in terms of annual salary. To rectify this, the Chiefs effectively used the money he would’ve received in the final five years of the deal and front loaded it to put him back near the top of the sport. With QB contracts continuing to rise to new heights, the two-time Super Bowl champion and the organization will continue to reset the market to ensure that he’s at the top of the ladder.