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Report: Bill Belichick has shopped Mac Jones

The patriots aren’t sold on their starting quarterback if reports are accurate

Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones

Things aren’t going great for the New England Patriots right now, as rumors of head coach Bill Belichick and Mac Jones’ relationship being rocky at best. Belichick wouldn’t call Jones the starting quarterback, saying, “everybody will get a chance to play” when asked if Jones and Bailey Zappe would be in a competition. This is of course quite Belichickian, but more news has surfaced.

Belichick is also reportedly “agitated” by Jones going outside the organization last season for help with the offense, per NBC’s Tom Curran. Curran also said Belichick wasn’t happy with the way Jones handled himself on the field, screaming, getting pissed, etc... But, going outside the building for help with Belichick’s offense is the real breach in Patriot Way protocol.

This news was quickly followed by a report that “Belichick has shopped Jones to multiple teams,” per Mike Florio. That’s as far as the report would go, so it’s difficult to know how realistic a move is, but the fact that this information is leaking out is pretty big when considering how locked down the patriots usually are.