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The GM Shuffle: Is Lamar trying to take his talents to South Beach?

Michael Lombardi and Femi Abebefe discuss where Lamar Jackson could land in the latest episode of The GM Shuffle podcast.

The Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on QB Lamar Jackson on Tuesday. On Monday’s GM Shuffle podcast, Michael Lombardi walked Femi Abebefe through some of the possible scenarios on how this process could play out and where the talented QB might land.

Michael says that while the Ravens aren’t telling people they’re trading Lamar, they’re smart, so they’ll sit and wait for their phone to ring. Michael noted that he was fascinated by Josina Anderson’s report that the Dolphins are in on the QB market, and also noted that if you’re Miami or Carolina wouldn’t you call up Baltimore and say instead of offering two 1s and a 2 through the franchise tag process just make a straight up trade offer for Lamar to see how they would react. Michael said he thinks Ravens fans would be surprised by how the Ravens would react to that. He thinks they would be willing to listen.

Michael also notes that more than anywhere else, Lamar wants to end up in Miami. So, he thinks if Miami is indeed looking into the QB market, don’t be surprised if they make that call to Baltimore. Also don’t be surprised if Carolina, owners of the ninth pick in the NFL Draft, make a call. Michael still said he isn’t saying that the Ravens are going to trade Lamar, but they are going to listen. He says they don’t begin with the end in mind in Baltimore and they will listen.

Michael says he thinks Lamar could be had and it would not surprise Michael if we wake up on March 17 and Lamar is on a new team.

Femi asks Michael if Baltimore would want to trade Lamar within the conference or if we as outsiders make more of that than there really is. But Michael reminds Femi that Lamar has a say in all this and that if he is set on going to Miami he could say that he will only sign an extension with Miami. However, he notes that it doesn’t mean Baltimore is going to take a discount deal, they’re still being smart about the situation.

Show Breakdown

On the GM Shuffle, hosts Michael Lombardi and Femi Abebefe break down the breaking news that Derek Carr is headed to New Orleans. Plus, Michael lets us know what he’s hearing about Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson and Matthew Stafford. The guys also react to the QB workouts at the NFL combine, the latest updates on the No. 1 overall pick. Michael and Femi also set the stage for tomorrow’s NFL franchise tag deadline.

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