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Kelly Clarkson absolutely roasts Dallas Cowboys in opening monologue for NFL Honors

We discuss the jokes that Kelly Clarkson gave in her opening monologue roasting her favorite team.

Kelly Clarkson poses for a photo on the red carpet before the NFL Honors award show at Symphony Hall. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kelly Clarkson is hosting Thursday’s NFL Honors Awards Show and came out in iconic fashion, wearing a dress made up of Dallas Cowboys colors and players' names. Clarkson, known for her music background and daytime talk show, was in charge of introducing the show in her monologue. Despite being a fan of the team, Clarkson roasted the Cowboys on multiple occasions.

When saying that she studied up for her hosting duties, she said that she came across some interesting information. She asked if the audience knew that the NFL playoffs went past the Divisional round because the Cowboys weren’t aware as they hadn’t gotten past that round since she had been a fan.

Then, she addressed Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady supposedly retiring again. She warned Brady that if he thought about entering the daytime talk show game, he would be stepping onto her turf. Clarkson then threatened Brady that if that ended up being the case, she would do her best Micah Parsons impression on him.

Finally, Clarkson ended her monologue, saying the NFL told her to keep it short. She said she wasn’t allowed to go over time or make any extra points. Clarkson added that the Cowboys know all about not making extra points taking a very clear jab at the apparent yips late in the season of Dallas kicker Brett Maher. Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith was shown laughing heavily at the comment. Even if the extra points were costly, at least the Dallas faithful can laugh about them now.