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Scoring format for skills competitions, flag football at 2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games

We discuss the scoring formats for the new events at the 2023 Pro Bowl Games.

The NFC team huddles up during the Pro Bowl Skills Challenge Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020, in Kissimmee, Florida Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The 2023 Pro Bowl Games will start on Thursday and continues on Sunday. The NFL is trying its hardest to update the Pro Bowl to keep it exciting for fans. This year, Thursday will be mainly a skills competition, while Sunday will have some events but mainly be a flag football tournament to crown a champion.

With the change in format, there is also a switch up in how a winning conference will be determined. Previously, the Pro Bowl consisted largely of a standard football game, so a winner was easily deduced. This year, there will be points up for grabs starting on Thursday.

Each of the eight skills events will be worth three points toward the winning conference. This will result in a total of 24 points being up for grabs. Any points on Thursday will transfer to Sunday’s events.

The flag football tournament on Sunday will consist of three total games. The winning conference from the first two games will earn six points for a total of 12 being on the line. All of these points will be totaled, and we will have our score heading into the final flag football games. No, literally. The point totals at the time of the final flag football game will be used as the starting score of the third game. When the game ends, the conference with the most points will be declared the overall winner of the 2023 Pro Bowl Games.