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Chiefs head coach Andy Reid competed in a punt, pass and kick competition when 13 [VIDEO]

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid competed in a punt, pass and kick competition when he was younger and the video is hilarious.

Andy Reid is known as the personable head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. He has the best mustache in the NFL and is known for wearing Hawaiian shirts during training camp. Reid has been successful with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chiefs during his head coaching tenure with the franchises.

Way back before he got into coaching, Reid played football growing up. When he was 12 and 13 years old, Reid competed in a punt, pass and kick competition. The video of the spectacle is something you just have to see. First off, Reid is gigantic compared to the other participants. The event did have players as young as eight competing, but still. There was a certain jersey that they made participants wear, and it didn’t fit Reid, so he was rocking Lester Josephson’s jersey, who was playing for the Los Angeles Rams.

The video ends with Reid doing his best Patrick Mahomes impression and launching a pass down the right side of the field. He missed the boundary, but it was still a solid attempt. Technically, this was Reid’s first appearance on Monday Night Football well before he ever made it to the league as a coach. The punt, pass, and kick competition was a national youth football competition held by the NFL from 1961 to 2017. The passing portion was aired during this segment at halftime of the Monday Night Football game. This means that we didn’t get to see Reid’s punt or kick, but just the image alone in your head is pretty great.

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