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What channel is the Puppy Bowl on, what time does it start this year?

The cutest event of the NFL season is upon us. We break down how to watch the 2023 Puppy Bowl on TV and what time it’s set to start.

Archie, left tackles Jax as they play together as Camp Counselor G Haley throws a football for other dogs to chase during the Safari Pet Resort’s Annual Super Puppy Bowl HELEN COMER/The Daily News Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

On Sunday, Feb. 12 at 2 p.m. ET, we will get to see the 2023 Puppy Bowl. It will air on Animal Planet and will be streamable on Discovery+. It has been on Animal Planet since 2005.

The Puppy Bowl was started to raise awareness for animals who are up for adoption. They have been successful with the event and have gained many viewers as they have millions of people who watch it every year. The dogs get to go out on the platform/field and have a great time. They basically play with toys for a set amount of time.

The dogs are set into two teams. The teams earn points when dogs carry the toy into the end zone. The dogs don't really have an idea of what’s going on, but they are having fun and getting the attention they deserve.

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