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D/STs to add for the 2023 fantasy football playoffs

We look at some D/STs that you can pick up for the fantasy playoffs.

Quay Walker #7 of the Green Bay Packers lines up before the play during at Lambeau Field on September 28, 2023 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The fantasy football playoffs are upon us and it’s past time to make sure you have a D/ST, or two, that can help you navigate these important weeks. The good news is that this is the time of year when bad teams often get worse, by either playing younger players or dealing with injuries to important positions or just plain losing focus with no chance at making the playoffs.

Below, we’ll go through the next four weeks and look at some good matchups with teams rostered less than 60% on Yahoo.

Week 14

New Orleans Saints D/ST vs. Panthers
Green Bay Packers D/ST vs. Giants
Houston Texans D/ST vs. Jets
Atlanta Falcons D/ST vs. Buccaneers

Week 15

Green Bay Packers D/ST vs. Buccaneers
New Orleans Saints D/ST vs. Giants
Los Angeles Rams D/ST vs. Commanders
Atlanta Falcons D/ST vs. Panthers
Houston Texans D/ST vs. Titans

Week 16

Green Bay Packers D/ST vs. Panthers
Denver Broncos D/ST vs. Patriots
Houston Texans D/ST vs. Browns
Washington Commanders D/ST vs. Jets

Week 17

Los Angeles Rams D/ST vs. Giants
New Orleans Saints D/ST vs. Buccaneers
Green Bay Packers D/ST vs. Vikings
Houston Texans D/ST vs. Titans

Fantasy football playoffs D/ST targets

I probably could have gone even deeper than what we have here for D/STs for each week, as there are a bunch of bad teams out there to target. But, we also might not be able to grab a different D/ST for each week, which means we need a few that have more than one good matchup. And thankfully, we have a decent group to pick from.

The Houston Texans are listed in all four weeks, with games against the Jets, Titans, Browns, and Titans again. The Titans, and Will Levis, haven’t been awful, but the Colts did just sack Levis six times. We don’t know who will be quarterbacking the Jets, but he won’t be good. The Browns will likely have Joe Flacco in there, which appears to be better than PJ Walker or Dorian Thomas-Robinson, but isn’t fleet of foot in the pocket and can throw interceptions.

The Green Bay Packers have been playing better on offense, which lends itself to better situations for their defense. And their defense will face some pretty poor teams in the fantasy playoffs. They’ll take on the Giants, Buccaneers, Panthers and Vikings, which is a strong group for a D/ST. Tommy DeVito/Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Bryce Young and Josh Dobbs are a good group to target.

These are the two teams I’d want if I needed one team to hold me over through the fantasy playoffs. You can of course mix and match and hopefully you have a top D/ST to work with as your base.