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Breaking down the NFL standings coming out of Week 17

The NFL is almost finished with Week 17. We break down the standings as the league starts to look to Week 18.

Brandin Cooks #3 of the Dallas Cowboys celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Detroit Lions during the second half at AT&T Stadium on December 30, 2023 in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The NFL is wrapping up the 2023 calendar with Week 17 of the regular season. We get one more week after this, but in the meantime, this week provides matchups with huge playoff implications.

The week opened with the Browns beating the Jets on Thursday Night Football. Cleveland secured their second playoff berth in 20 years. They won’t be winning the AFC North, but they’re headed back to the playoffs as one of the hottest teams in the league.

The NFC East race is not going to be decided until Week 18. The Cowboys edged the Lions in a controversial finish on Saturday. Dallas remains a full game back of the Eagles, but can still win the division with a win over the Commanders and an Eagles loss to the Giants.

Below are the eight divisional standings, along with some quick thoughts about each division after 17 weeks of football. We’ll update with remaining records as the league moves toward Week 18.

AFC East

The Jets lost badly to the Browns on Thursday Night Football. The Bills held off the Patriots. The Dolphins lost badly to the Ravens.

  1. Miami Dolphins, 11-5 — clinched playoff berth
  2. Buffalo Bills, 10-6
  3. New York Jets, 6-10 — eliminated
  4. New England Patriots, 4-12 — eliminated

AFC North

The Browns thumped the Jets on Thursday Night Football to clinch a playoff berth. The Ravens crushed the Dolphins. The Steelers beat the Seahawks. The Bengals lost to the Chiefs and were eliminated from playoff contention.

  1. Baltimore Ravens, 13-3 — clinched division title and No. 1 seed
  2. Cleveland Browns, 11-5 — clinched playoff berth
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers, 9-7
  4. Cincinnati Bengals, 8-8 — eliminated

AFC South

The Jaguars easily beat the Panthers. The Colts held off the Raiders. The Texans thumped the Titans.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars, 9-7
  2. Indianapolis Colts, 9-7
  3. Houston Texans, 9-7
  4. Tennessee Titans, 5-11 — eliminated

AFC West

The Raiders lost to the Colts and are officially eliminated. The Chiefs beat the Bengals. The Chargers lost to the Broncos.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs, 10-6 — clinched division title
  2. Denver Broncos, 8-8 — eliminated
  3. Las Vegas Raiders, 7-9 — eliminated
  4. Los Angeles Chargers, 5-11 — eliminated

NFC East

The Cowboys beat the Lions on Saturday. The Commanders lost to the 49ers. The Eagles lost to the Cardinals, which dropped them into second due to the conference record tiebreaker. The Giants lost to the Rams.

  1. Dallas Cowboys, 11-5 — clinched playoff berth
  2. Philadelphia Eagles, 11-5 — clinched playoff berth
  3. New York Giants, 5-11 — eliminated
  4. Washington Commanders, 4-12 — eliminated

NFC North

The Lions lost to the Cowboys on Saturday. The Bears beat the Falcons. The Packers took care of business against the Vikes.

  1. Detroit Lions, 11-5 — clinched division title
  2. Green Bay Packers, 8-8
  3. Minnesota Vikings, 7-9
  4. Chicago Bears, 7-9

NFC South

The Panthers lost to the Jaguars. The Saints beat the Bucs. The Falcons lost to the Bears.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 8-8
  2. New Orleans Saints, 8-8
  3. Atlanta Falcons, 7-9
  4. Carolina Panthers, 2-14 — eliminated

NFC West

The 49ers pulled away from the Commanders in the second half to get the victory. The Cardinals stunned the Eagles. The Rams beat the Giants. The Seahawks lost to the Steelers.

  1. San Francisco 49ers, 12-4 — clinched division title and No. 1 seed
  2. Los Angeles Rams, 9-7
  3. Seattle Seahawks, 8-8
  4. Arizona Cardinals, 4-12 — eliminated