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What are the chances the Rams make the playoffs?

We discuss whether or not the Los Angeles Rams will make the NFC playoffs.

NFL: DEC 10 Rams at Ravens Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Rams did not have a good start to the season, opening 3-6 to start. They have lost just one game since they sat at that record, though, and now find themselves in playoff contention at 6-7. The NFC has a big tiebreaker going right now for 6-7 teams, and the Wild Card battle is essentially narrowed to two for most of the field, with either the Cowboys or the Eagles guaranteed to take one of the spots.

The Rams have defeated the Packers, Seahawks, and Browns this season. Running back Kyren Williams has been a breakout star, as has rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua. We take a look at whether Matthew Stafford and the Rams can reach the playoffs this season.

Los Angeles Rams current odds

DraftKings odds: TBD
DVOA playoff odds: 28.8%
ESPN FPI: 40.0%
NY Times odds: 37%

Upcoming Schedule

Week 15: vs. Commanders
Week 16: vs. Saints
Week 17: @ Giants
Week 18: @ 49ers

The Rams shouldn’t have much trouble against the Commanders, particularly on their home turf. They enter as heavy favorites. The rest of the schedule is less certain. They face the 49ers in San Francisco in Week 18, which is all but a guaranteed loss for the Rams. The Saints and Giants have been somewhat unpredictable teams this season, and while the Rams have looked good in the bottom half of the season, they aren’t dominant enough to give me confidence that they’ll win both. They go 2-2 in the final stretch with a loss to the 49ers and either the Saints or the Giants.

Final record prediction: 8-9

Current NFC playoff standings

  1. 49ers, 10-3
  2. Cowboys, 10-3
  3. Lions, 9-4
  4. Buccaneers, 6-7
  5. Eagles, 10-3
  6. Vikings, 7-6
  7. Packers, 6-7
  8. Rams, 6-7
  9. Seahawks, 6-7
  10. Falcons, 6-7
  11. Saints, 6-7
  12. Giants, 5-8
  13. Bears, 5-8

The Rams are in a five-way tie with 6-7 teams (six, if you count the NFC South-winning Bucs), and they don’t have a shot at winning the division title, so they will battle it out for a Wild Card spot. This is a competitive group — the Packers, despite their Week 14 loss, have looked excellent as of late. If the Seahawks are healthy, they should make a run for it. The NFC South is just going in a circle sharing the same record, and either the Eagles or the Cowboys will take up a Wild Card spot.

Per ESPN’s playoff predictor, the Rams could get into the No. 7 Wild Card spot this week with a win. Howeer, if the Packers win, they remain in that final NFC spot. If the Rams and the Falcons win, the Bucs will sneak into the No. 7 spot.



The Rams will sneak into a playoff spot here. The Vikings are struggling at quarterback, the Packers are at risk of falling into their earlier-season offensive woes, the Seahawks are dealing with injuries galore, and the NFC South is gonna NFC South. The Rams grab the No. 7 seed in the NFC.