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Breaking down the NFL weather forecast for Week 6, what it means for fantasy football, betting

The weather report can impact fantasy football and betting. We break down the important information you need to prepare for Week 6.

Quarterback Justin Fields #1 of the Chicago Bears celebrates after throwing a touchdown pass during the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers at Soldier Field  Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Week 6 of the NFL is here and it’s hard to believe that the season is moving so quick. We’re starting to learn which teams are contenders and which teams aren’t. It’s also starting to get colder outside and we will begin to see weather have a solid impact on these games played in outdoor stadiums. Below we take a look at which games could be impacted by the weather in Week 6.

Worst weather games

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears

They’re expecting high winds throughout this game. Wind gusts are expected to be around 20-22 mph throughout this matchup. The rainfall is expected before the game. On the Bears grass field, the field conditions could be skewed a bit. I don’t think the precipitation will have a big role in this game, but the high winds could alter both passing games.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Cleveland Browns

Rain is probable before and after this matchup. There is a bit of a chance that we see rainfall through this game as there is a 34-40% chance of precipitation from 1 p.m. ET to 4 p.m. ET while tis game is being played. Wind gusts are expected to be up to 15-17 mph as well throughout this game.

New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills

There is a good chance that we see some precipitation throughout this Giants-Bills matchup. From 8:00 p.m. ET through 11:00 p.m. ET, there is around a 50% chance of precipitation which means that it will have somewhat of an impact on their game. Wind gusts are less than 7 mph throughout the game, so I don’t think the weather has a major affect, but watch for some fumbles and dropped passes from the rain.

Better weather games

Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

This is the Jaguars first week back from their two week hiatus playing in London. There is a 0% chance of rain throughout this matchup with the temperature expected to be around 75-77 degrees throughout the matchup.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets

Temperatures in East Rutherford for this game are expected to be in the mid to high 50’s. There is no rainfall expected, but the wind gusts are expected to be around 15-17 mph. Overall, this is a solid forecast for this matchup.

Home sweet dome

Washington Commanders vs. Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans Saints vs. Houston Texans

New England Patriots vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams

Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Chargers