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Taylor Swift has arrived at the Chiefs-Jets game, and yes we have video.

She’s here, and we have all the highlights.

Singer Taylor Swift arrives prior to the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on October 01, 2023 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has arrived in East Rutherford, New Jersey to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the New York Jets.

And yes this is worthy of its own post.

Diana Russini of The Athletic got the better angle of the fit, probably because she’s from Jersey and knows her way around the building.

We knew this was coming, And while it’s a bit silly to see all this breathless coverage of Miss Americana and her new Canton-bound beau, we’re certainly not missing out on these page views. So consider this your one-stop shop for all the Tay Tay camera coverage that we can find tonight.

We’ll start with NBC bringing one of its biggest franchises in The Voice to the NFL’s laughingstock franchise of the Jets. Here’s Carson Daly and the cast with the pregame intro.

Taylor’s potential future brother-in-law got an overtime victory today in Philadelphia, and expect Mama Kelce to be in the box with her.

And it appears our girl is here for the party.

Taylor looking like a Swiftie at one of her concerts honestly.

But she’s not just cheering for the other half of “TDSwift” (we’re still workshopping), but his teammates too. Here’s Tay Tay excited and giving hugs after Isiah Pacheco scampers for the opening touchdown for the Chiefs:

Here’s more hugging! The NFL’s most famous Mama in Donna Kelce with her potential daughter-in-law.

Let’s do this thing. For America. And to the Swifties across the country tuning in for the first time: Hi! We’re a sports website with an emphasis on wagering opportunities. But we’ll get to those later. We also agree with the sentiments below.