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Has Mike LaFleur been fired?

We are getting conflicting reports on Mike LaFleur’s job status.

Update: Make of this what you will, but LaFleur and the Jets have “mutually parted ways,” per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. This comes hours after confusion of whether or not the OC had been fired.

The New York Jets reportedly fired offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur per Aaron Wilson. But, numerous Jets beat writers are refuting the news, saying that LaFleur has not been let go.

This news doesn’t mean that he won’t be let go eventually, but his job status will remain up in the air until more reports come out.

LaFleur has been the New York Jets’ offensive coordinator for the last two seasons and the team has ranked 28th and 29th in points scored in those two seasons. All the blame can’t be on LaFleur, as quarterback Zach Wilson has not played well. The question is, could LaFleur gotten more out of Wilson and the offense? But that’s a question that is usually impossible to answer when dealing with an underperforming quarterback.

The Jets were close to making the playoffs this season, but when you rank 29th in points scored and your defense ranked fourth in points allowed, questions will be asked and changes will be made.