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John Harbaugh was ‘astonished’ by Tua Tagovailoa’s return to the field

You don’t usually hear NFL coaches question other NFL coaches when it comes to how they handle their players, but Baltimore Ravens head coach did on Friday, per Jamison Hensley. Speaking of Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion symptoms on the field in Week 3 and then his traumatic brain injury suffered on Thursday night:

Like probably most people, I couldn’t believe what I saw last night. I couldn’t believe what I saw last Sunday. It was just something that was astonishing to see. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Harbaugh went on to say:

A lot of times players want to play and sometimes you just have to tell them ’No. No has to be the answer.

He didn’t mention Mike McDaniel, but there’s no doubt he’s laying some blame at his feet for what happened to Tua Tagovailoa over the last week.

In McDaniel’s defense to the many questions, he told reporters on Friday:

There was no medical indication from all resources. If there would have been anything lingering with his head, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I prematurely put someone out there in harm’s way.

There is likely some nuance to this situation that will be hard to find on social media and press conferences, but NFLPA President JC Tretter writes, this “last week proves how far we left to go.”

It very much appears that the system did not work correctly in Tagovailoa’s case and that’s something that must be improved moving forward.