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Is Josh McDaniels in trouble after Raiders fall to 0-3?

Las Vegas’ struggles early in the season could force changes.

The Las Vegas Raiders appeared to sleepwalk through most of their Week 3 contest against the Tennessee Titans despite both teams being 0-2 and desperately needing to avoid a third loss to open the 2022 NFL season. The Raiders botched their Week 2 game against the Arizona Cardinals in overtime and failed to make key plays in a Week 1 loss to the Chargers.

At 0-3, Las Vegas has a very low chance of making the postseason even with the expanded field. And head coach Mark Davis is not pleased with the situation. He had a lengthy closed-door meeting with head coach Josh McDaniels following the game, per Paul Gutierrez.

What’s worse for the Raiders is the offense is struggling. McDaniels has been unable to elevate that unit despite adding wide receiver Davante Adams to the mix. Through three games, the Raiders rank 13th in scoring offense. Derek Carr, who was completing more than 67% of his passes over the last four seasons, is now hitting at a 60.8% rate. His adjusted yards per attempt is down nearly a full yard from last year. Not all of these issues are on McDaniels, but he’s ultimately responsible for this offense succeeding.

We know McDaniels wasn’t a good head coach before. He went 11-17 with the Broncos before reverting back to familiarity with the Patriots in a coordinator role. He was able to do a lot of things in New England well because he had Tom Brady and significantly less on his plate. Now he’s trying to manage the entire team and it hasn’t started well.

The Raiders are unlikely to fire McDaniels after three games. However, you have to wonder how long the leash actually is. The team has become worse, largely due to the offensive struggles. That’s something McDaniels was not expected to struggle with. We’ll see how the rest of the season goes for the Raiders, but owner Mark Davis might have to think about making a switch after the season.