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Jimmy Garoppolo steps out of bounds in end zone without realizing it on pass

The 49ers-Broncos game hasn’t been pretty.

The 49ers-Broncos matchup on Week 3 Sunday Night Football has been a disaster of a game, and it’s fitting we got a disaster of a play. The 49ers were backed up to their own one yard line and after an unsuccessful run play, Jimmy Garoppolo was given the opportunity to pass. It did not go well as the 49ers QB went out of the back of the end zone without even realizing it.

And yet, somehow this turned into a positive for the 49ers. They gave up two points, but in reality it was going to be a seven-point play if not for Jimmy G’s gaffe. He threw a pass into traffic to his left, and had the play not been whistled dead, it would have been a pick-six for the Broncos defense.

So, maybe Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan are happy for the safety. The other happiest person following this play?