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Jamaal Williams busts out four-pump Hingle McCringleberry celebration vs. Vikings [VIDEO]

Four pumps is well past the limit for a penalty.

Jamaal Williams penalized for four pump touchdown celebration.

The Detroit Lions are leading late against the Minnesota Vikings in their Week 3 matchup this afternoon. Running back Jamaal Williams found the end zone for a touchdown to put the Lions up by 10 and busted out an old Key and Peele classic for his celebration.

Ahh yes, the classic Hingle McCringleberry “pump” celebration if you will. If you remember the skit, the fictional wideout gets hit with an excessive celebration penalty for performing three pumps instead of the allowed two. Here, Williams does four pumps and would’ve surely been fined and/or suspended in the Key and Peele extended universe. Fortunately the NFL has relaxed some of their celebration rules in recent years, so thanks Roger Goodell.

This just adds to the Lions emerging as one of the more fun teams in the NFL this season. We got to know them during this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks about a month back and it’s clearly carrying over into the regular season.