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Josh Allen nearly throws pick six on fake spike

The trickeration for the Bills at the end of the half nearly turned into a disaster.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday’s marquee AFC East matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins has lived up to the hype so far, with the game tied 14-14 heading into the half. In the waning moments of the half, the Bills attempted some trickeration and nearly ended in disaster.

Buffalo was in Dolphins territory with time running out and the offense was seemingly going to spike the ball to set up a field goal. Instead, they wanted to catch the Dolphins slipping by faking the spike. But there were problems.

As you can see, the snap to Allen was botched and that caused a delay. Allen then fired a screen pass to Stefon Diggs that was just mere inches away from being housed the other way by Dolphins star cornerback Xavier Howard. Fortunately, Diggs was able to come up with the reception and gain some yards, but the clock ran out and the Bills came away with no points for the half. Allen could be seen cursing to himself after the nearly botched play.

This is setting up to be a fun second half and we’ll see who comes out on top.