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How much will Jimmy Garoppolo earn in his contract now that he is replacing Trey Lance?

Jimmy G is going to cash in over the next five months.

The San Francisco 49ers are moving back to quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for the rest of the 2022 season after Trey Lance broke his ankle in Week 2. Garoppolo came on in relief of Lance and led the team to a 27-7 win over the Seahawks.

People wondered why the 49ers did not trade or release Garoppolo this offseason, and they certainly are seeing the benefit from that non-move. The 49ers could not get a trade done after Garoppolo had early offseason shoulder surgery, and then decided not to release him. The two sides worked together to restructure his contract and he’s now in a position to cash in as the team’s new starter.

NFL reporter Jeff Howe posted a reminder of Garoppolo’s 2022 contract and he is already cashing in on bonuses.

Garoppolo has his guaranteed base salary and was always going to earn all of his per-game roster bonus money. However, he now has a chance to earn $250,000 per game as the starter since he’ll exceed 25% of snaps in all games in which he is healthy. He added $100,000 for the win on Sunday against the Seahawks and has 15 more opportunities to pick up $100,000.

The 49ers are now 1-1 and tied with the rest of the NFC West. They’ve got a strong chance at the playoffs, which opens the door for even more money. He would start their playoff games and given his appearance in two of the previous three NFC Championship Games, he’s got a great chance to cash in over the next five months.