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Kyler Murray does best Madden ‘04 Michael Vick impersonation on two-point conversion

Here’s a look at Murray’s ridiculous conversion.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Las Vegas Raiders Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are currently trying to pull off a fourth-quarter comeback in their Week 2 road matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders this afternoon. Down 23-7, running back Darrell Williams punched in a touchdown to bring the Cards closer. Needing a two-point conversion to move to within one score, quarterback Kyler Murray did this...

What an unbelievable scramble. He uses his athleticism to keep the play alive and eventually finds and opening to basically walk it in for the two-point conversion. The Raiders defense here is like if the CPU on Madden glitched out and decided to not engage the quarterback.

The CBS broadcast actually timed the play and from the time Murray took the snap to the time he crossed the goal line, it took 20.8 seconds. Fortunately, no actual game time is wasted during two-point conversions and that benefits the Cardinals greatly in their pursuit of a comeback. Here’s a simulated chart of the scramble.