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Should Frank Reich be on the hot seat after Week 2 struggles against Jaguars?

The Indianapolis Colts are off to a slow start in the 2022 season. Should head coach Frank Reich be on the hot seat?

The Indianapolis Colts have started their 2022 regular season off at an ice-cold, snail's pace. In Week 1, they finished in a tie with the Houston Texans despite being favored. Things aren’t looking much better in Week 2 as the Jacksonville Jaguars are dominating the Colts. Should head coach Frank Reich be on the hot seat in Indy?

Every team is dealing with injuries, so can Indianapolis get a pass with WR1 Michael Pittman sidelined this week? You have the game’s best running back in Jonathan Taylor, and you aren’t able to move the ball. Matt Ryan isn’t playing like the quarterback they were hoping to get, and they will have to make some adjustments. Is it a change to Nick Foles? Is it a change in the coaching staff? We will just have to see, but starting your season not only 0-1-1 but also 0-1-1 in the AFC South is not how they wanted this season to begin.

Things aren’t scheduled to get any easier as they host the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3 and then the Tennessee Titans in Week 4. If they start the season 0-3-1 overall and 0-2-1 in the division, Reich could be on the way out.