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Why are the Browns putting an elf logo at midfield?

Cleveland has put Brownie the Elf at midfield and we’re as confused as you are.

Cleveland Browns mascot Brownie the Elf in tunnel before game vs Chicago Bears at FirstEnergy Stadium. Cleveland, OH X163812 TK1

Brownie the Elf is here. The Cleveland Browns apparently have had a mascot named Brownie, who is an elf. Yeah, we had no clue either. The Browns have painted Brownie the Elf into midfield prior to their Week 2 home opener vs. the New York Jets. We’ve got some pictures below and are confused as you are. If you’re a Browns fan, sorry? We had no idea.

If you’re wondering where Brownie the Elf originated, well, that’s even more perplexing. Apparently in Old Folklore, Brownies were these weird creatures who came out at night and did house chores? Sounds a lot like Dobby the Elf from Harry Potter. Our friends at Dawgs by Nature have more background info if you’re interested. The whole thing seems super weird/creepy. Par for the course from the Browns, to be honest.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to play football on a field with a giant elf at the 50-yard line. Imagine being tackled and then BOOM, the elf’s eye is right in your grill. Terrifying.