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Best rivalry games on the schedule for the 2022 NFL season

We break down the best rivalry games for the upcoming 2022 NFL season.

NFL, Rams, 49ers, NFC Championship Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The 2022 NFL schedule release is quickly approaching and it’s time to start gearing up for some classic NFL rivalry games. Some of us dislike a team due to years of battling on the field and the history that has come along with it. Some of us dislike a team due to them beating our lifelong team in their first Super Bowl appearance in 33 years (I'm looking at you Rams, signed a Bengals fan). Maybe it’s because a team booted your guys out of the playoffs or a new rivalry after a trade sent your franchise quarterback away. Whatever the reason, let's explore just a few of the many rivalries and revenge games we have coming up this 2022 season.

Week 1: Broncos at Seattle

The former Seattle quarterback who brought this franchise their first Super Bowl victory is coming home this upcoming season and is suited up for the team that he beat to get the Lombardi in 2013. Not a classic, divisional rivalry in this one but the return of the former Seattle hero to his old stomping grounds could make for some solid entertainment. On paper, this is not the best match-up as the Broncos seem to be the better squad, but maybe the return of Wilson will give Seattle just enough luck for an upset.

Weeks 1, 13: Raiders vs. Chargers

Hard to forget one of the most entertaining regular-season finales we got from Raiders Vs Chargers this past off-season. If it ended in a tie, both teams would have made it to the playoffs and sent the Pittsburgh Steelers home. What felt extremely unlikely turned into reality as we headed into overtime. But after a questionable timeout call by the Chargers that gave the Raiders a chance to run another play and kick the field goal as time expired, the raiders won 35-32 in overtime and sent the Chargers home. Justin Herbert and this Chargers squad will have a little bit of extra motivation going into this season.

Weeks 4, 8: Rams vs. 49ers

This long-standing division rivalry is usually a good match-up but has not been much of a rivalry these past three regular seasons. The 49ers are 7-3 against the Rams in the ten games during the Shanahan/McVay era. This includes six straight regular-season wins for San Fransisco. Yep, the Rams have not beat the 49ers in the regular season since 2018. They beat them in the postseason when it really counts and you have to think the 49ers are coming for some revenge this year. Feels like we are in for a special treat this season as the Rams are coming off a Super Bowl win and sent the 49ers home in the NFC Championship this past season.

Week 6: Bills at Chiefs

These two teams have squared off a few times over the past few years, with the most notable being in the 2022 playoffs when the Chiefs won an Overtime thriller 42-36. The game sparked a controversy that led to a change in the overtime rules. This was the second straight year the Chiefs won their playoff matchup. Both of these teams are Super Bowl Contenders and could match up in the postseason again, so could the third time be the charm for the Bills?

Week 13: Chiefs at Bengals

The Chiefs were on their way to a third straight Super Bowl appearance before the Bengals made a furious comeback in the second half and overtime winning 27-24. This was the second time that the Chefs blew a double-digit lead to the Bengals in the second half of a game. The Chiefs will look different this season without Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu. The Bengals return their key pieces from this season, so these two teams will be ready for a heavyweight fight when they match up.

Week 14: Browns at Texans

While new Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson requested a trade from the Houston Texans, the situation did not end well there to say the least. Both sides will be looking to get some revenge. The big question here is whether or not Watson will be eligible for the contest. He hasn’t received word from the league on if he will be suspended this season. The Browns acquired Watson in hopes to make a Super Bowl push in the AFC, while the Texans are stuck in the midst of a rebuild.