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Kyler Murray responds to rumored rift with Cardinals

The Cardinals appear to have a problem, and someone is bad-mouthing the team’s star QB.

Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury talks with quarterback Kyler Murray (1) during the first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings in Glendale, Ariz. Sept. 19, 2021. Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Update: Murray responded to the recent reports that he’s not happy with the Cardinals. He didn’t really say much in his social media posts other than to say that “all of this nonsense is not what I’m about, never has been, never will be.” He ended up saying nothing concrete and we can probably expect more rumors bandied about this offseason.

It was hard to figure out a headline that does not come across as too click-baity for this article because it’s quite the situation. Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals appear to be at odds. The quarterback unfollowed the team’s social media accounts and scrubbed his own accounts of Cardinals mentions.

Now, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has provided anonymous sources a platform to attack the young quarterback. He tweeted that sources describe Murray as self-centered, immature, and a finger-pointer, while also detailing that Murray believes he’s been framed as the scapegoat for the team’s playoff loss to the Rams.

It gets even more interesting with Mortensen reporting that Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury “is self-scouting where he can provide better alternatives for QB.” That’s a wordy way of saying he might be looking for a Murray replacement.

It’s possible there is some truth to this, but as long as the sources remain anonymous, we’ll never know for sure. Murray, Kingsbury, and others could respond to this in the QB’s defense, but as the old saying goes, “A lie will fly around the whole world while the truth is getting its boots on.”

Whether this is true or not, it creates a messy situation for the Cardinals and their quarterback heading into a big offseason for the two sides. The team has to decide on his fifth-year option, which they will almost assuredly pick up. Murray is eligible for an extension, but with the fifth-year option in place, it will buy some time to work on an extension. Of course, that assumes the two sides want to get an extension done amidst all this.