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Breaking down NFL weather for Raiders vs. Steelers in Week 16

The weather report always has the potential to impact fantasy football and sports betting. Here, we’ll take a look at the weather projected for Raiders vs. Steelers in Week 16.

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders will look to stay hot as they get ready for Saturday night’s contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Raiders won four of their last five games, while the Steelers picked up a victory in three of four going into the matchup from Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh.

Weather needs to be extreme to truly impact games, but when deciding between two players who you like equally in fantasy football, it might be a helpful tie breaker. What we really don’t want to see is 20 mph or higher wind speeds. Rain can cause problems, but unless it is a combination of high winds and rain, we usually don’t want to downgrade our fantasy football players too much. When it comes to betting, that impact comes primarily on the point total more than the spread or winners and losers.

Helpful weather resources include National Weather Service and Dark Sky, among others.

Weather for Raiders vs. Steelers in Week 16


Saturday’s weather in Pittsburgh will certainly have an impact in this matchup in a cold, windy matchup. It is expected to be cloudy and windy with areas of blowing snow and winds at 20-30 MPH with a high of 13 degrees.

Fantasy/betting implications

The over/under for this matchup is at 38, and passing will become very difficult for both sides. Both offenses should keep the ball on the ground as often as possible, which is why the total has dropped so low with the clock expected to be running constantly. It could also be smart decision to keep kickers out of your lineup if you can find better options.