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Patrick Mahomes casually chucks no-look touchdown pass to Jerick McKinnon vs. Broncos [VIDEO]

More Mahomes magic on display in Week 14.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Here is your weekly reminder that Patrick Mahomes is a wizard.

Facing 3rd and 2 in Sunday’s showdown against the Broncos, the superstar quarterback scrambled to his right and was seemingly going to be corralled out of bounds. So what did he do? He just casually made an underhand toss to Jerick McKinnon for a 56-yard touchdown. A no-look one at that.

You know, just more Mahomes wizardry. What’s new.

How does he keep doing this? Someone explain to me how. It’s already been established that this dude is the best quarterback in the league but every single week, he casually pulls something out of his sleeve and turns a throwaway play into a touchdown. It’s unbelievable to watch.

There’s potential for more Mahomes Magic in this one as they have the chance to run it up against one of the worst teams in the entire league. We’ll see if there are more no-looks to look out for.